We are an international team based in Buenos Aires with a passion for building stellar and engaging virtual spaces. We get pretty enthusiastic about building websites. Most days, you will find us in our offices crafting incredible design.

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    Ned Howey

    Principal, Strategy
    Instrument: Bassoon & Bandoneon

    Ned Howey, business creative and strategic ‘doer,’ is an American with a chronic case of wanderlust. Before falling into the world of web building, he worked in San Francisco for 10 years in social and health services for the homeless, doing jobs ranging from overseeing community programs to writing large grants, balancing budgets, and breaking up the occasional knife fight. He brings his community service and development work to the planning and strategy of Tectonica´s projects ensuring a digital media strategy that will achieve real-world results.

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    Mar Spada

    Principal, Design
    Instrument: Keyboards

    Mar Spada, information architect and design black belt, hails from the Argentine Province of Entre Rios, famous for its Carnival, which Mar finds tasteless. A self-confessed applied semantics nerd and power-designer, he eats, sleeps, and breathes the search to solve the world’s problems using visual languages. He has been designing websites for more than a decade now for clients coming from all corners of the planet, as well as all sorts of other digital and physical graphic pieces from album covers to packaging and visual identities.

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    Víctor Pagano

    Designer & Front-End Developer
    Instrument: Beat-box

    In his spare time, Víctor is an acrobat, which is perhaps why he has the agility to flip from advanced front-end coding to design and pioneering new media techniques for Tectonica’s website builds. Victor’s virtual space designs utilize the understanding of multi-dimensional space he draws from his work as a sculptor.

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    Mariana Beldi

    Front-End Developer & Designer
    Instrument: Bass Guitar

    Mariana might be the fastest front-end coder on earth. It could be her massive consumption of maté that drives the code lightning. Also, she´s damn good! Her passion for design and illustration sharpens her eye for detail in code. When she´s not pounding the heck out of cutting-edge HTML you can find her rocking out with her band or kicking butt at field hockey.

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    Martín Collazo

    Front End Developer & NationBuilder Specialist
    Instrument: Future Drummer

    One of the original code enchanters at Tectonica, Martín has masterfully coded over a hundred websites during his 7+ years of web development. From HTML to CSS to Wordpress and NationBuilder, he believes in the beauty (and optimization) of the code. Out in the world, he is a photography aficionado and is preparing for exams to become a graphic designer.

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    Alejo Abella

    Backend Developer & Programmer
    Instrument: Guitar

    Alejo boldly goes where no Tectonian has gone before: server-side programming! Many years ago, he worked a short stint as a factory worker soldering metal. Now he solders together the logical lines of code for us. Alejo makes charts dynamic, maps match the data, or functionalities come alive. He´s a wild enthusiast of Java, mobile applications, old-school Pentax cameras, and the Boca Juniors Football (or ¨soccer¨ as some say) Club. Seriously. Don´t even joke about football with this guy.

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    Fernando Petroli

    Front End & Back End Developer
    Instrument: Bass Guitar

    Fernando is a jack-of-all trades, able to nail coding needs from front-end HTML to back-end programming languages. This native of the Argentine beach town Mar del Plata is the bass guitarist for an epic rock band whose lead singer is his wife Maria. We´re pretty sure he takes out all of his rage on the guitar and PHP code because he´s one of the most chill people we´ve ever met. He also loves cats.

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    Renzo Noriega

    Administrative Assistant
    Instrument: Voice

    Renzo is our all-round admin hero. He helps us with everything from keeping the office stylish, to paperwork, to cooking amazing chocolate cakes. Chocolate cakes are key to our business model. Hailing from the central-Argentine city of Córdoba, he is an actor, singer, dancer, and star of musical comedies. Renzo keeps us laughing around the office, and we never know what new bright color of hair he’ll be sporting.

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    Jonas Howey

    Chief Cuddling Officer (CCO)
    Instrument: Voice

    Jonas spends his days at the Tectonica office ensuring that everyone is in good spirits. As a mini-Dachshund with a near-year´s worth of cuddling experience, he is highly skilled in identifying which staff members are most in need of a puppy in their lap at any moment. Among the vast skills he brings to the job are his ability to respond to the commands, ¨come,¨ ¨stay,¨ and ¨no¨ (when chewing on computer wires). He is currently studying "sit" and "no bark."

  • The Digs

    A Historic Landmark

    Christophersen Tectonica studio occupies the third floor of a historic landmark designed 110 years ago by one of the greatest architectural minds of Argentina, Alejandro Christophersen (1866 – 1946).

    Some of Christophersen’s other works include the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, Anchorena Palace, the Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, Cafe Tortoni, and the Astoria Hotel.

    Our gorgeous building sits just around the corner from the iconic Obelisco of Buenos Aires, Teatro Colon, and the famous Avenida 9 de Julio, the very center of the Buenos Aires historic downtown and one of the most important cultural neighborhoods in South America.

  • The Team

    The Tectonica crew: We're not models. We're web nerds.

    We're an international crew working out of our studio in Buenos Aires.

    Though we haven't formed a band yet, we all seem to have musical skills.

    To learn more about life at the studio, come join our
    Open Studio Community »

  • Production



    We develop each project with great intention, evaluating the strong foundation of underlying goals and needs.


    Branding & Identity

    We create your visual identity around your target audience. More than just logos and typography, we help create brands that attract and engage your audience.


    Outstanding Design

    Drop-dead gorgeous, they tell us. Quality is our greatest strength. We work in a wide variety of styles, including flat design, clean design, retina-ready graphics, iconographic, and infographic work. But don’t take our word for it. Check out some of our actual designs.


    Stellar UI/UX

    We are user-experience thinkers. We can take that complicated online task and make it feel like a walk in the park for any user.


    Responsive Design

    Tectonica builds responsive websites every time. That means they work across every size screen and the design adjusts accordingly.


    Web 3.0

    This is not just about having an online presence. Beyond just telling your narrative, our websites are interactive. We build them with highly interactive technologies, such as integrated CRMs (complex people databases), full social media functions, integrated email campaigns, user-generated content, gamification, mapping functionalities, dynamic charting, geo-location, motion infographics, and mobile-specific functions. We build sites ready for the future.


    Support & Training

    We stick with you until everything is up and running and beyond. We don’t consider a project done until the campaign goal is achieved.

  • Labs

    Tectonica is always on the cutting edge. In this rapidly evolving field, we believe in adapting to keep winning. For this reason we dedicate a significant amount of resources to new technologies and development of useful tools.

    Here are a few of our experiments fresh from the labs:


    World Meeting Time

    At Tectonica we schedule meetings with clients all around the world, but we’re terrible at counting the hourly difference on our fingers and toes. The lack of highly usable and well-designed applications to easily assist with scheduling meetings in other time zones inspired us to create our own fully responsive web app and put it online for everyone to use for free! Now you can coordinate meeting times easily with people located all over the world from any desktop or mobile device. Check it out now!


    Bike Check Application

    Using advanced technologies such as Brick framework and HTML5, Tectonica partnered with Bikestorming to create their open-source gamification-based mobile application Bikecheck. We offered pro-bono support in the development of the app, which aims to promote better urban bicycling infrastructure and mitigate climate change. Read more on our blog.


    NationBuilder APIs

    We are currently developing two applications working off of the NationBuilder API, adding two frequently requested functionalities to the already amazing platform. Tectonica sees a bright future for third party add-ons to the already incredible NationBuilder system, and we are currently brewing up some amazing things over here in the lab.

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