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Tectonica Presents

For two full days, join Tectonica as we build a completely
free website for your NGO, in our second annual
competition Acción Local - back this year with a
gender-focused twist!

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A new web platform for your organization
completely ready to meet your goals
This October 20th & 21st - A 48-hour marathon

Our passion lies in social good, which is why we want to help you help others. Through Acción Local, we will create a cutting-edge and pro-bono digital space for one local organization in Buenos Aires. Over the course of this 48-hour hackathon-style event, we will design a fully functional online space to achieve the strategic goals of your organization or one of your related projects.

From strategy to training to design, we will ensure that you have an engaging online space equipped with all of the primary services we provide, including NationBuilder. NationBuilder is an extensive digital community organizing system that takes networking to a whole new level. It has been used successfully by thousands of political parties, movements and NGOs worldwide to harness the power of people to make change.

Your NGO

Calling for applications for
NGOs working in the arena of gender

For this year, Acción Local is accepting applications from organizations dedicated to issues of women’s health, gender issues, or feminism. What your NGO gets Two days with Tectonica staff! CCO Jonas is rumored to make an appearance
Strategy identifying and addressing your organization’s goals
Engaging branding
Unbeatable world-class web design
Stellar user interface/user experience
A free year of NationBuilder including frontline support, 2 hours of training, and a dedicated account manager
Extended support and training from Tectonica

Requirements to apply: Non-profit/NGO involved in gender issues, feminism, or women’s health
Dedication of organization’s staff throughout building process- at least 3 representatives must be present during Accion Local
Permission to use organization for promotional materials/cross-promotion
Organization based in Argentina

Year One: AMUMRA Web Site

“Now our page is
much more professional”

Last year, Tectonica built a new digital space for AMUMRA (Asociación de Mujeres Unidas, Migrantes y Refugiadas en Argentina), an NGO that fights to ensure the rights of immigrant women in Argentina and supports this at-risk group. Its goal is to help construct a better society through the promotion, defense, and awareness of human rights. "They taught us about everything, even the logo" AMUMRA is born from the needs of refugee and immigrant women longing for human rights at a time when immigration laws did not provide immigrants education and healthcare. They continue to fight to broaden their rights and give support and advice to refugee and immigrant women and their children. "Tectonica helped us so much"

Checkout Video Updates from last year’s Build-A-Thon.

Visit AMUMRA's new website.

The Studio

A team of experts
Changing the world one pixel at a time

Tectonica is a digital design studio aiming to change the world one pixel at a time. Our studio is revolutionizing the digital space by designing stellar websites that provide the online tools you need for a successful campaign.

Your digital space should be so much more than just a website; it should provide the backbone to your community. Using NationBuilder technology, we create brands, plan winning digital strategies, and produce the communication and organizing tools you need for success. Our websites have assisted various campaigns across the world in achieving their goals, including Britain’s Labour Party, The Scottish National Party, Defence for Children International - Palestine, and CODEPINK -among others.


Software for leaders

NationBuilder is an online platform that provides leaders with the infrastructure to develop and organize thriving communities. Community is essential to NationBuilder - they efficiently fuse together people, finances, communications, and websites to take your mission from an idea to successful implementation. Through empowering and mobilizing communities, we can accomplish so much more!

NationBuilder enables you to:

Build communities: reach out to all members in your community and categorize them into various groups making outreach easier and more effective

Send effective emails: target specific people within your community and broadcast emails

Connect through social media: contacts’ social media information stored in NationBuilder for more effective outreach

Fundraise: recruit and cultivate a broad network of donors

Plan events: not only can you easily create and market events, your supporters can also host their own events

Create action pages: mobilize supporters through online and offline action

Selected Organization:

M.A.T. - Mujeres de Artes Tomar

Mujeres de Artes Tomar is an artist collective for the empowerment of women and femmes.

To feel, to think, to say, to do dissident, in rebel happiness, freedom, autonomy, plenitude, to exercise their rights and the enjoyment of their lives, for a society in equity and free from violence.

M.A.T is a movement that assumes the sociocultural responsibility to generate performative interventions about gender, from their Almanac of symbolic dates.

Artivism to strengthen women and femmes social consciousness, a real tool for transformation.

Visit current MAT’s website