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A Personalized Campaign Solution for Women Running for Office

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Winning Women

A NationBuilder Theme specifically designed by Tectonica for women candidates

Women candidates often face greater challenges accessing funding than their male competitors. We’ve developed the WinningWomen theme to help level the playing field, giving women candidates a powerful website solution at a much lower cost than full custom builds.

Using our theme’s highly flexible layout, we personalize the brand and site elements to your campaign needs in order to create a wide variety of diversity and customization between sites.

After determining the digital campaign needs of the race, we will adjust the location of key elements on the homepage and build a sitemap in order to ensure voters, volunteers, donors, and press take the actions most necessary on the website to maximize the campaign’s digital efforts.

Designed by Tectonica Powered by NationBuilder

Homepage Includes:

  • Candidate introduction
  • Your own brand & look
  • Campaign mobilization
  • Platform and constituency

Unique women need unique campaign tools to Win.

Atalanta was created to fill a gap in the advisory services that female candidates and officeholders have access to, providing professional expertise and strategic guidance through a female-led team of experienced consultants.

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Public Opinion Research
  • Message Development
  • Grassroots
  • Media Engagement
  • Policy Development
  • Fundraising
  • Digital Strategy
  • Advertising
  • Reputation Management

Your website, built by one of the industry’s leading agencies.

Tectonica has helped candidates win elections all around the world. We bring best practices and newest digital techniques and apply them with specific strategy for success at the polls.

  • All NationBuilder Native Features
  • Fully Responsive and Tested
  • Strategy Consultation & Planning
  • Multilanguage Ready
  • Solid Code & Implementation
  • Detailed Social Set-Up
  • Training for Campaign Staff

Need additional digital services?

PowerThru Consulting will help you develop and implement the digital strategy you need to win your campaign:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Online Fundraising
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Digital Advocacy

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Women candidates around the world have used our websites to run their campaigns

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