Auwlyee Cabrera Joins Tectonica’s Leadership Team

We’re excited to announce Auwlyee Cabrera is joining Tectonica’s leadership team.

As Director of Operations & Technology, Auwlyee will be overseeing Tectonica’s working processes, keeping us ahead of the curve on the systems and technologies we use to operate, and ensuring we deliver the most efficient and highest quality services and products for our clients.

Auwlyee Cabrera

Originally from Venezuela, Auwlyee has lived all around the world. After graduating as an Industrial Engineer from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas, he worked in his native Venezuela, in Bahrain, in Panama, and in his latest destination, Argentina. He’s taken different roles, working as an analyst and project manager for major consulting and finance companies.

We’re excited to work with Auwlyee in all that he can help us achieve in our expanded service offering for our clients. In his own words: “Tectonica’s mission to create digital strategies for world-changing causes is inspiring, and I couldn’t be happier to join them. I look forward to finding ways to contribute to Tectonica’s amazing work.”