Bells & Whistles: Why its Good to Wait

Now we know that you’ve seen stuff out there on the web and thought “wow, I want that on my site”. Trust me, we’ve done the same thing. But please take caution when attempting to cherry-pick functionalities from sites on the web. This can be a very dangerous activity.

Doing so is similar to going to an architect who is designing a house and saying, "I want pink walls and a master stairwell".

The problem with this is that the architect might find pink doesn’t work for the light allowed in the room and there may be no space for the master stairwell. While we can assess and meet requirements of functionalities, usually it is better to leave that kind of detail for the assessment consultation and design phases. This lets us work together to select things that will best match your user goals and the rest of the site.

What does work well is to think ahead to the kind of activities that you will want your web users to conduct.

As you might have already discovered, we're user interface and site architecture nerds. We've seen a lot of projects that work for users and a lot that don't. We want to build a site for you that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate and most importantly, works.