The largest Central American immigrant rights organization in the U.S.

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CARECEN LA is the largest Central American immigrant rights organization in the U.S. working for social and economic justice, and promoting cultural diversity. The website Tectonica created for CARECEN LA not only highlights the important work that CARECEN LA does in the community, but also allows for community members to become more involved in their support and allyship of the organisation.



One of CARECEN LA’S top priorities was to make the site more accessible and easier for clients, donors, and supporters to engage with, and we were able to accomplish that in several ways. We improved the UI and UX design of their site to make it easier for people with vision impairments to navigate and also created an easier to navigate format so that clients could find relevant information more quickly. It’s also a great example of how beautifully the Advocate Theme can be implemented.




“Tectonica is unlike other companies, with a clear mission to support the amazing work organizations like ours do for our community through using digital to create greater impact. The branding of CARECEN has grown tremendously on our social media, as well as our member interaction. This was all thanks to the creative and community-based process Tectonica conducts with clients.”


- Martin Pineda  
Digital Organiser