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When CHRT wanted to update their web presence, they called Tectonica for a site that would offer treatment and information to their various audiences. We created an identity that highlighted their core values of compassion, optimism and trust, and hand-coded a site emphasizing visual language over text for the greatest impact.

Harm Reduction Therapy is a new approach to treating alcohol and substance abuse. An alternative to traditional treatment programs, which have low efficacy rates, the Center for Harm Reduction Therapy helps clients moderate their use while treating the underlying causes. Empirical evidence shows that the program works.

They called Tectonica for a site that would offer treatment and information to various audiences without conveying the stigma of addiction. We created a new brand identity and logo, highlighting their core values of compassion, optimism and trust. Then we hand-coded a site emphasizing clean design and visual language over text.


Less than 10% of the millions of Americans with drinking or drug problems seek treatment. CHRT helps by minimizing harm for individuals and families, and by training healthcare professionals. Tectonica’s expertise and commitment to community engagement were a perfect fit.

First, we discussed their vision and defined their most important goals.

While continuing to serve their traditional client population, many of whom were homeless or low-income, a primary objective for the new site was to reach professionals and income earners, who also need treatment and have the resources to help support the Center’s work.

The central challenge was to create a brand identity and site that would appeal to this new target clientele while conveying empowerment, trust and confidentiality. They wanted to downplay the common stigmas of addiction and focus on what they do, how they do it, who they serve, and the clinical evidence that it works.

With a solid grasp of our client’s vision, we began to design.

Tectonica created new branding and a new logo. The twisting, not-quite-closed closed letter C represents cycles, and moving from harm to better life conditions.

The color palette conveys compassion, optimism and insightfulness, combined with cooler colors on specific pages that align with their competency and therapeutic approach.

To encourage patients to take the next step, we highlighted the staff’s expertise and experience, and added a section describing evidence supporting their approach. Each page was built from scratch. The result is modern and mobile-responsive, displaying standards that speak to the professional clientele who expect a high level of service.

When the site was ready, we arranged training sessions for the staff and advised them regarding SEO and promotion.

Already, many new clients have found CHRT through the site.

Here is what Jeannie Little, the Executive Director, told us:

“The Tectonica-designed site is a breath of fresh air. This applies not just to the design, which is crisp with inventive logos and graphics, but to the message and content too-- take a breath, allow the drug use issues to stand free of stigma, and let the absence of judgment paired with down-to-earth scientific understanding guide you to new perspectives on problems. The site now represents the spirit of harm reduction therapy extremely well. Thanks!"