Coronavirus Resources

The Coronavirus Global Pandemic has caused a major shift in the way we think about organising and how to keep our movements growing. Luckily, the progressive community is stepping up and sharing lots of tools and resources on how we can stay active while social distancing. We've gathered those resources here and will be continually updating this blog post to make sure you have the latest resources out there in one easy-to-find and convenient location. If you have a resource you'd like to add to this list, please submit a request by email to [email protected]


Featured Resources on how to Organise while #SocialDistancing

Digital Organising

Coronavirus Demands a Quantum Leap in Organizing

360 Campaigns and M+R have come up with some great ideas on how digital organising can complement or replace boots-on-the-ground as COVID-19 hits, including ramping up your relational organising program and curating a digital speaker series.

4 tips for digital organizing when our communities are physically isolating

Our friends at New/Mode share their tips on how to keep our movement and momentum going during this global pandemic.

Organizing While Corona

The Tuesday Company shares six helpful ideas on how to organise during a pandemic.

Connecting with Voters in a Time of Social Distancing

Some great ideas on how to get out of the vote without having to canvass in person.

Decentralized organising in moments of crisis

From walking you through the different stages of self organising to build grassroots movements, to a curated list of digital tools to help you self organise, to examples of different decision-making models, this comprehensive set of tools and resources from Movement NetLab is designed to help you organise for justice amidst a crisis.

Making the Shift Online

Higher Ground Labs has gathered a list of great resources, including a comprehensive guide by Tech Yourself, on how to move resources online during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Digital Security and Privacy

Keeping Each Other Safe When Virtually Organizing Mutual Aidd

The Electric Frontier Foundation provide helpful guidance on digital security and privacy considerations for organisers and volunteers, to better protect the communities they work to support.


Event Organising

4 Tips for online trainings in the time of coronavirus

Expert digital organising trainer Beth Becker shares 4 tips to make sure your trainees have the best online training experience possible.

A Comprehensive List of Tips, Tools, and Examples for Event Organizers During the Coronavirus Outbreak

This list by CMX provides tips for cancelling or rescheduling events, tips and tools for running an online events, and some examples of great virtual events.

Caring Across Distance: Some Things to Consider Before Movement Gatherings During COVID-19

This living document by Maryse Mitchell-Brody provides information about the Coronavirus outbreak, things to consider before a physical gathering, and proposes some alternatives to in-person events.

How to Turn an Offline Event into an Online Virtual Conference

Empower shares some tips on how to turn an offline event into an online virtual conference.



6 Keys to Successful Fundraising During a Pandemic and Financial Crisis

Last week, EveryAction put together a four-part webinar series to help nonprofit organizations adapt to these unusual and uncertain times. Melissa Wyers, Executive Director at EveryAction, hosted the “Raising Money and Staying Sane during a Pandemic and a Financial Crisis” webinar, which addressed how fundraisers can adapt their messaging and transition away from in-person communication. Here are some quick highlights from the webinar, and you can watch the whole video on-demand for in-depth discussion of these points and more. 



National Covid-10 Messaging Document

This messaging guide by Anat Shenker-Osorio helps inform messaging on the Covid-19 that is rooted in the values of interdependence, mutual solidarity, shared purpose and collective action.

Mutual Aid

Action Builder for Mutual Aid Work

Action builder is offering free access to a version of their tool designed specifically to coordinate mutual aid efforts in the United States. You can track needs, actions taken, and relationships within communities to make sure no one gets left behind. You can sign up for their webinar to learn more.

Resource Hubs

Coronavirus Tech Handbook

A crowdsourced resource hub from Newspeak House for all kinds of information to inform our response to the Coronavirus, from remote working tips, infographics, fighting disinformation, and how to move your offline event into an online virtual one.

Resource Library: Nonprofits and COVID-19

EveryAction has created a resource library for mission-drive organisations to keep their work moving forward during times of uncertainty.


Featured Tools to Organise During Covid19

Tectonica and Citizen Sector Create “WeGotYou” to Help People in Need 

Tectonica and Citizen Sector have been hard at work this past week developing a free website and app that lets people give and get help from their local community in order to stay at home safely during the COVID-19 crisis. Read more about how we developed the app and how it can be used to help people in need.

Free Nations for Covid-19 Emergency Response

NationBuilder is offering free software and services for the course of this critical period to those organizing essential services and provisioning emergency response for the global pandemic. You can find out more and activate your free account here.


Trainings to Help You Organise During a Pandemic

NTEN-a-thon, Recorded Sessions, Online

Engaging Networks and other partners put together this virtual conference and fundraiser for NTEN to help fill the void left by their cancelled conference. Sessions include everything from testing to re-activating supporters to the future of digital fundraising.

Share Your Message, Not Germs: Organizing During Social Distance, Recorded, Online

Amanda Coulombe, General Manager of Organizing at NGP VAN, along with panelists from The Movement Cooperative and EveryTown for Gun Safety, guide you through how to navigate your current organizing challenges head on. 

Graphic Design for Non-Designers, 17 April 2020 15:00 CET, Online Webinar

Tectonica Creative Director Mariana Spada will be sharing some thoughts about the importance of design and why it’s important to create consistent visual language for your campaign that truly reflects its values and objectives. 

Adaptation: Change is the Only Constant, 17 April 2020 18:00 CET, Online Webinar

Ned and two incredible Tectonica clients - Jereon Aerts from the Voor 14 campaign in the Netherlands and Lynn Harfoush of Lebanon’s National Bloc - will be sharing lessons from international digital strategy work in the context of the need to adapt to a rapidly changing world such as we face in the current COVID-19 crisis. From shifting field strategy and resources to digital, to re-assessing what works as the world radically changes, we will discuss methods and practices that digital organizers are utilizing to meet the rising challenges of adaptation.

Connecting with Voters in a Crisis: Digital and Audio Options for Messaging Effectively Amid Covid-19, 22 April 2020 17:00 CEST

Join Campaigns & Elections as they look at combining audio technologies and targeted media to deliver campaign messaging that motivates voters. They’ll be discussing how audio enables agile response to rapidly evolving conditions and audiences looking for authentic communication.

The Life Changing Magic of Google Analytics Campaigns, 23 April 2020 11:00 EST, Online

For nonprofit communications and fundraising professionals only. This training will teach you to use the Campaigns feature of Google analytics to help you measure your organisation’s outreach efforts and see which methods drive the most traffic to your site to help you finetune your NGO’s online outreach activities. A recording will be made available afterward to registered attendees, so sign up even if you can’t make the live event.

We're a nerdy movement: Evidence-based methods to recruit and mobilize volunteers, Two separate dates (links below) 23 & 28 April 2020, Online Webinar

Join PowerLabs for this webinar on how to improve your ability to recruit, mobilize, and retain volunteers by using insights from social science. You’ll learn how to support people to say yes to big asks, how to make volunteer workgroups and teams more effective, and why you shouldn't screen out volunteers based on whether or not they agree with the goals of the organization (and what to do instead). You'll also get a reading and podcast list of nerdy research that can help you be a more effective organizer, digital strategist, or campaigner. Can't make the live webinar? Register anyway to get the recording and resources afterward.

The webinar will have closed captions.

Sign up for Thursday, April 23rd

Sign up for Tuesday, April 28th

Nonprofit Digital Strategy Virtual Summit, 28 April 2020, Online

This free online summit for nonprofits features panels led by expert nonprofit strategists and leaders sharing the latest cutting-edge tools and digital strategies for online campaigns across advocacy, organizing, and fundraising.



Self-Care and Mutual Aid

With all our organising efforts and the added stress that the coronavirus has brought to our lives, we thought it would be helpful to share some resources and stories to help you engage in self-care and (if you have the resources and energy) the care of others in our communities during the Coronavirus.


The Calm Place

This page from the New York Times has some images and meditations to help you step back and take a moment of calm.

Coronavirus Care Fund

The National Domestic Workers Alliance is launching the Coronavirus Care Fund, an emergency relief fund for domestic workers facing hardship as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Their goal is to raise $4 Million to support 10,000 domestic workers across the country. Every dollar donated to the Coronavirus Care Fund will provide relief to nannies, house cleaners, and home care workers who need help right now, to stay home and healthy — protecting themselves, their families and their communities while slowing the spread of the Coronavirus.

Link to the Coronavirus Care Fund:

Coronavirus Resource Kit

An extensive compilation of mutual aid projects and resources from disabled, queer, elderly, Asian, and indigenous people. *U.S. specific

Database of Localized Resources During Corona Outbreak

This live document is a compilation of best practices resources and how-tos that include how to create neighborhood pods, set up mutual aid, and resources for freelancers.

Gains for Brains

A fun site with trivia, reading, games, and quizzes for those of us looking to activate our brains in a fun way while we’re practicing social distancing.

Stories of Beauty, Kindness, and Hope During the Coronavirus Crisis

We love these inspiring examples of how people are supporting each other during the coronavirus outbreak.