Democrats Abroad

Design, Improved User Engagement

UI/UX Design Improved User Engagement

Introduction: Understanding Democrats Abroad & Their Mission

Democrats Abroad is the official Democratic Party arm for millions of Americans residing outside the United States. They aim to provide Americans abroad with a Democratic voice in the government and mobilize overseas voters to elect Democratic candidates. With active chapters across six continents, they work to protect voting rights, advocate for issues concerning Americans abroad, build communities, and organize events worldwide.


Tectonica’s Work on the Democrats Abroad Website: Enhancing Engagement and Clarity

Tectonica collaborated with Democrats Abroad to launch an enhanced version of their website, focusing on improving supporter development, and featuring a revamped narrative to engage a broader range of Americans living abroad, highlighting their collective organizing power. The website was redesigned to provide clear and easily accessible information specific to each country, helping users understand the organization's activities in their own regions. Tectonica incorporated user-friendly sections to locate local offices and committees, as well as events and organizing opportunities taking place around them, facilitating connection and action on the priorities of Democrats Abroad.


Conclusion: A Strengthened Online Presence

Tectonica's collaboration with Democrats Abroad added significant value to the organization, enhancing its user engagement and clarity of mission-related information. The improved narrative resonates with a broader audience, empowering Americans abroad to unite and take action. Tectonica's work helps Democrats Abroad strengthen their online presence and effectively communicate their message, enabling increased participation among their target audience.