Director of Finance, Administration & Social Impact

Categories: Finance, Administration, Human Resources

Type of Contract: The position is a full-time position.

Location: In our offices in Barcelona, Spain. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the offices are open as optional and have all the security measures to work in it.


Salary on Base: 35K to 38K EUR per year, Gross

Work Schedule: The position will work 40 hours per week. 8 hours per day.

Reports to: Chief Executive Officer


Our Culture

Tectonica has managed to create an environment where everyone has a voice regardless of their position and seniority. The relationships in our office on all levels are usually described as supportive, casual, friendly, relaxed, and authentic. The team has a deep level of established cohesion, and team members know they hold a part of the company’s mission beyond just a single job description. We invite new talent in that cohesion as they join us. Appreciation for diversity in our culture, as well as, individual growth are key factors to our team’s united success. 


Diversity Hiring 

At the core of what we do is build people-based movements. Real progressive movements are never built by people who only understand privilege. For this reason, a personal and deep understanding of identity and the role it plays in politics is a requirement for working at Tectonica. Women, BIPOC, immigrants, LGBTQI persons, people with disabilities, ethnic and religious minorities, and people of various minority backgrounds will be given priority in our hiring decisions. 


Accessibility for the Job 

Tectonica Digital Campaign Solutions SL welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process. If you require a specific accommodation because of a disability or a medical need, please contact Auwlyee Cabrera (COO) on his e-mail at [email protected] This ensures that the appropriate accommodations are in place before you begin your hiring interview and future employment.


Tectonica Overview

Tectonica Digital Campaign Solutions S.L applies technologies and strategies to build and grow movements for political parties, candidates, and NGOs. Our services include Strategy, Web Design and Build, App Design and Build, Platform integration, Identity and Branding, Video Production, Email Strategy, Campaign Management, Content Creation, etc. We have worked with some of the most important political parties and organizations in more than 35 countries around the world. Our past clients include Sadiq Khan for London Mayor, GROEN - the Flemish Green Party, Emmanuel Macron La République En Marche!, The Scottish National Party, Defense for Children International - Palestine, and more.


Our mission is to create a seismic shift in the way politics are done, through innovations that empower social, economic, and environmental justice movements


Driven by our values

At Tectonica, our values guide everything we do, from informing the way we accept projects to ensuring that our company culture remains supportive and democratic. We are looking for candidates who feel passionate about promoting democracy through technology and want to use their skills to make a positive impact in the world. Our ideal candidate is someone who identifies with Tectonica’s company values and is deeply motivated by a desire to advance progressive causes and movements around the world. We love what we do and want to positively impact diverse communities around the world.


Our Values

  1. First, do good.
  2. Organizing over messaging.
  3. Changing the world takes hard work, not tricks.
  4. Our solutions are designed for everyday change-makers.
  5. Our experiences outside societal privilege is our power.
  6. The big picture is in every detail.
  7. Smart communication facilities group wisdom.


The Position

The position is responsible for the company’s administrative, legal, financial and structural well-being, as well as ensuring alignment of the company’s profitability with our social impact. Being a company that currently has 12 full time employees and several contractors, the role is somewhat limited in scope, although requires the ability to manage several key areas to the company’s operations. The international nature of our business as well adds some degree of complexity. Our current plan for growth is one which is aimed at seeking a reasonable balance between risk and reward. With the right person, the position is one which potentially holds career growth within the agency itself. We seek to find an individual who is worthy of trust, driven by the role of finances and administration in a values-based business, and who is aligned with our values. 


Primary Functions

Oversight of the company's accounting systems. 

  • Provide essential information on our financial health, status and opportunities to best inform decisions on business directions and growth including weekly, monthly, and quarterly finance reports, regular internal audits and monthly reconciliations. 
  • Oversight of internal accounting systems and external accountants, ensure cash flow, coverage for insurance, compliance with government requirements and other legal obligations.   
  • Assess new budgetary items, purchases, systems, etc. for value. 
  • Oversee the company’s budget including opportunities for cost savings and investments. 
  • Partnering with the directors team, executive and partners on planning and strategy around financial and business health. 


Contracting, Invoicing & Payments

  • Ensure reduction of risk in contracting with clients, negotiation of terms, including consulting with IP/Contract lawyer on legal matters. 
  • Ensuring timely invoicing and payment by Tectonica’s clients. 
  • Oversee payments of services, government obligations, debt, etc.
  • Oversight of partner, affiliate, and associate agreements. 


Human Resources 

  • Serve as the employees’ and contractors’ point person for all guidance, procedures, personnel issues, etc.  
  • Partner with other directors for employee recruitment, hiring, onboarding, evaluation and disciplinary actions. 
  • Document and communicate company HR procedures to team members, including maintaining current Employee Handbook.
  • Liaise with accountants and HR consultants to ensure legal compliance for compensation, benefits, and entitlements (including tracking vacation and sick leave, COVID-related regulations, etc.), reduction of company risk, etc.  
  • Ensure alignment with company’s culture goals and HR policy, procedures, and benefits.
  • Conduct employee assessments, exit interviews and participation in occasional supervision to ensure improvement of the company as an effective and quality workplace. 
  • Actively work to build the company’s presence for recruitment and team growth.
  • In coordination with leadership, assess company capacity needs, and development of the organisation’s chart of human resources. 
  • Ensure an accessible, usable, system for documentation of company procedures which are useful to continually improve the efficiency and quality of the company’s services.

Office Management 

  • Purchasing and equipment and stock for office and employee’s use - including utility providers.
  • Oversight of office rental space, liaising with property owner and building manager, oversight of improvements, care and maintenance of office space.
  • Ensure office safe is safe, accessible, comfortable for working, in compliance with legal requirements (ensuring maintenance of fire extinguishers, etc).
  • Ensure office security procedures, issuing of keys, alarm codes, etc. Respond to office security incidents as needed. 


Social Impact 

  • Develop and maintain systems for evaluating and improving the company’s social impact. 
  • Compliance and improvement as related to B-Corps. guidelines.


Secondary Functions

Business Development (Shared role)

  • Assessment of product offering, service packaging, and sales process.
  • Assessment of market, opportunities, and recommendations around product offering.
  • Identification, evaluation and upkeep of professional industry organisations and certifications (B-Corps, ACTE, European Association of Political Consultants, etc.) 
  • Partner with the Project Director and Creative Director for accountability and assessment of production, identifying opportunities and actions to improve profitability. 
  • Assess and help further develop overall business development strategy in partnership with the CEO. 


Required Experience and Skills

  • 3 to 5 years work experience in administration and accounting
  • (Desired) Pre-existing knowledge of basic taxation in both Spain and the US
  • Be able to work with the highest level of discretion and confidentiality. 
  • Passion for making an impact in the world through the intersection of technology and politics.
  • Detail-oriented, well organized, and ability to multi-task in a results-oriented business environment.
  • Advanced general administrative skills/knowledge required at an upper executive level.
  • Experience in structuring and prioritizing work in a multicultural team environment.


Education required

  • Masters in Business Administration or equal experience



  • English: Advanced (Ideal fluent or native). 
  • Spanish: fluent or native.
  • Other complementary languages ​​will be valued but not exclusive for the position.


To apply:

Send your CV and a letter of introduction - outlining your interest for the intersection of business operations and social impact, as well as any related experience to [email protected]