Tectonica & NGP VAN Present The Definitive Distributed Organizing Guide!



How can electoral campaigns unlock people-power to win elections? How can Democratic campaigns - particularly candidates outside the traditional hegemony / underrepresented in politics - engage, activate and organize supporters to win in the face of moneyed interests, disengagement, disinformation, polarization, and oversimplification?

We are excited to announce the release of our new ebook guide, The Definitive Distributed Organizing Guide, in partnership with NGP VAN. This comprehensive guide is designed to provide Democratic candidates, campaign managers, PACs, progressive organizations, and anyone interested in the power of distributed organizing with the tools and information needed to plan and implement a decentralized approach.

Our guide is available as a free download and is available here. You can also check out a video recording of our recent webinar introducing the guide here

Distributed organizing is a powerful tool that combines community organizing methods with decentralized participation of supporters, reaching deeply into communities and building their power. At its core, distributed organizing can serve as a highly scalable resource and source of strategic capacity that deeply taps into the creativity, networks, leadership, and insights of individuals and communities.

However, the unique power of distributed organizing requires investment, know-how, risk, and accountability from campaigns. This guide provides a deep dive into the potential value of distributed organizing, how to assess if a distributed approach is right for your campaign, the investment required and risks associated with implementing a decentralized program, and how to set up your distributed organizing program for success - and avoid pitfalls - from the start.

The guide also explores different distributed models and considerations in determining what level of decentralization your program should have, key principles for motivating action within a distributed framework, all the essential elements you need to consider in running a program, including tips on creating a handbook, recruitment, group structure, leadership roles and coaching, culture, training, and supporting volunteers, among others. Plus, it covers technologies and tools to support distributed organizing in electoral campaigns and provides a comprehensive set of references for further reading on the topic.

We believe that distributed organizing has the potential to win big for campaigns. It bolsters a candidate's credibility and protects them from common attacks of distrust. This guide provides everything you need to know to harness the power and potential of distributed organizing for electoral campaigns in all its aspects.

So, download The Definitive Distributed Organizing Guide today and learn more about how to implement a distributed organizing approach and access a wealth of resources and information on this topic. We hope you find the guide useful in your journey towards building a winning campaign. You can download the guide here