Our Selection of Ukraine Causes to Support

The war that really started eight years ago, when Russia invaded Crimea, today is gathering worldwide attention. After two weeks of the full-scale invasion of Ukrainian territory, we know that the level of support and help that Ukrainian people will need is rising every day. 

We decided to compile our list of charities and initiatives to support the Ukrainian people. Though not a comprehensive list, this is our selection, based on recommendations from people we trust who are on the ground. We believe that first-hand experience is key to knowing what is most needed right now.

Our list is divided into three categories: Ukrainian-based initiatives, international and outside of Ukraine initiatives, and other ways to contribute (besides money).

If you, our friend from the TON community, know about other initiatives, please share them in the TON Slack environment. 

Ukrainian organisations


Fight for Right 

People with disabilities who face barriers and inaccessibility at all times are particularly affected by the war as they have fewer options for evacuation. In donating to Fight for Right you are supporting the team to evacuate people with disabilities and to distribute food and medicine for those who can not evacuate. 

The Hospitaliers 

First established when in 2014 Russia invaded parts of initiated warfare actions in southern Ukraine, this paramedic organisation helps the wounded on the battlefield, evacuates wounded to the hospitals, supports them in the rehabilitation process, and also transfers the deceased to burial sites in Ukraine. 

NGO Girls

NGO Girls is an Organisation, dedicated to encouraging girls to consciously build their life strategy. They are currently supporting needy families in Irpen, Bucha, Vorzel, Hostomel (all in the Kyiv oblast) with supplies, such as food, medicine, hygiene products and clothing, and financial assistance. 

Everybody Can 

This is a well-known foundation, working towards establishing a more tolerant and responsible society in Ukraine, by helping those who need it the most. Your donations will go tofor medical and social support for disabled children and internally-displaced elderly persons. 


International and outside of Ukraine organisations 


Rescue Foundation

A Polish-based foundation that helps refugees, migrants and repatriates to build a new life in Poland. They were particularly active in 2021, saving the lives of people of colour stuck between the Belarusian and Polish borders. In the face of Russian aggression in Ukraine, they organise transport to safe places and accommodation in Warsaw, especially for people of colour. Their support has many faces and they also provide legal assistance, teach Polish, and offer therapy. You can specify whether your donation goes towards these programs or directly to aid at the border.

All Out - Ukraine Fundraiser 

All Out, a global movement for love and equality is coordinating evacuations and safe places for queer refugees from Ukraine to Romania, Slovakia, Moldova, and Poland. You can send emergency support to LGBT+ people by making a donation here.

International Justice Mission

IJM, working towards ending slavery in our lifetime, is fighting human trafficking at the border of Ukraine and Romania. To do so, they collaborate with local NGOs to provide essential support to the most vulnerable, including coordinating transport for refugees, taking supplies to partner shelters, and helping shelters pay for heating in low-temperature conditions. 

Chefs for Ukraine 

World Central Kitchen is serving fresh meals to Ukrainians at the border crossing in southern Poland, as well as on the ground in Romania, Moldova and Hungary, and supports local restaurants preparing meals in eight Ukrainian cities for those who remain in the country. You can donate, or, if you are located there, you can also get involved as a volunteer. 

Support Ukraine Now 

This is a very helpful crowdsourced information platform for local tips on how to support Ukraine in your country or abroad. Documents are updated hourly.


Other ways to contribute (besides money)


Ukraine BIPOC and LGBTQ+ Accommodations 

These activists coordinate inclusive accommodations in Europe for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ refugees from Ukraine who might not find shelter elsewhere. If you are happy offering accommodation to the most vulnerable, you can fill out this form


Tech to the Rescue campaign matches tech companies to Ukraine-based and international NGOs helping Ukraine. If you or your organisation can help by improving cybersecurity, making donations easier, empowering local organisations, promoting safe messaging, among others, you can contribute to strengthening civil society here.


This website created by digital professionals at Amnesty International and friends, is aiming to help Ukrainians and those fleeing from war find job opportunities worldwide. There are already over 1,700 positions posted on the website. If you have an opportunity at your organisation or company, you can contribute by posting job offers there.