Sync your Eventbrite RSVPs to NationBuilder!

Our friends on NationBuilder have blogged about our recently launched application to sycn Eventbrite with NationBuilder.  Let us repost this useful note about our new tool.  You can see the original blog post here 

Sync your Eventbrite RSVPs to NationBuilder!


Take note that the event must exist in Eventbrite for the integration to work. When you run the Eventbrite importer, the event will be instantly created in your nation.

The following information will not be reflected in your nation for the event you are importing:

  • Any changes made to the event in your nation will not be reflected in Eventbrite, including removing someone from the RSVP list.

  • Event location

  • Event images

  • Social media data

  • Unregistered RSVPs



Step 2: After selecting the Free Importer, you will be asked to login to your Eventbrite account. Select “Allow” to sync Eventbrite with your nation.



Step 3: Check the checkbox next to the event you want to import from the list. Select which nation you want to sync with the event. In this example, the nation is “farz” and the name of the event is “Party at my place.” Select 'Accept and sync now.'



Step 4: You should receive a success message like the one below. If you did, you’re done! If not, please contact [email protected] to report the issue.



Step 5: Log in to your nation and see the event and RSVPs. Please note that when an event is created through the importer, its default status is “hidden,” which means it is not published on your website. Click the “Publish” button at the top right of the event page to make the event public.  



Don’t forget to treat Eventbrite RSVPs in the same way as your RSVPs collected on your site. Add tags to the RSVPs so you can easily sort them later. If you have an event path make sure to add these folks to a step.

To move people from Eventbrite to your nation, you must run the importer manually. We recommend you make a note to run the import on a weekly basis, so you can start building a relationship with them as soon as possible. Get started here!