Elvira Berry for State Senate

The progressive we can be proud of.

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Tectonica strongly believes in supporting clients who are breaking the status quo and who bring true representation to their communities. We’re proud to work with Elvira Berry in her run for Pennsylvania State Senate District 17. As a single mom, attorney, immigrant, and owner of a small business that helps people with intellectual disabilities, Elvira Berry understands diverse community needs and the struggles of everyday people. Elvira is committed to advancing her “Progressive Platform for Pennsylvania” which includes four key elements: (1) Supporting uniformity in education so all kids have access to high quality and safe education, (2) Tackling the terror of gun violence (3) Holding drug and insurance companies accountable to reduce costs, and (4) Raising Pennsylvania’s minimum wage to $15/hr.


Tectonica worked with Elvira Berry using the Win! Theme through WordPress and ActionNetwork to give her a beautiful site that helps her engage and communicate with her constituents. It also makes it easy for supporters to find and attend events, sign up to volunteer, and participate in fundraising efforts.