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We’re proud to have worked with the European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad) - a civil society network advocating for democratically-controlled, gender-just and human rights-based financial and economic systems. With roots in the Jubilee movement, Eurodad originally formed to help eradicate debts, but quickly developed into a global reference for financial justice. Eurodad is part of many global movements, including the Global Alliance for Tax Justice and the Reality of Aid network. 



Eurodad wanted to redesign their website to create more opportunities for engagement and make it easier to benefit from their wealth of information on all topics related to debt and development. Tectonica met with Eurodad to conduct a discovery period to assess their overall needs, after which we proposed a complete rework of the website’s narrative and to move them to NationBuilder to improve their engagement and organising. We wanted to make sure that their new site provided clear, easy access to the various expert services, reports and policies that Eurodad offers and to create a central space for staff and partner organisations to present their work and allow for a more active community-engagement hub.

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For the site to truly achieve its goals, it needed to bring in a human element both in speaking more to and more about people, engaging its activists, and showing those impacted by its work, to bring alive the human side of Eurodad and personalise the values it stands for. Inequality, climate chaos and systematic breakdown are just a few of the subjects Eurodad informs on and assists the public with. Bringing the component of strategy behind digital organising, Tectonica developed a new Eurodad website to make their content more clear, organised, and easy to access, with a friendlier UI that is entirely responsive.

We are currently working on a Knowledge Management Platform that will support their network coalition partners in their fight for the advancement of economic justice and ensure that the reach of Eurodad’s work to create just and rights-based financial and economic systems is maximized to its full potential. Ultimately, we are confident that this newly designed site will help Eurodad grow a stronger network, and in turn a stronger economic justice movement, which will be key to their success.

"Tectonica have been a delight to work with from day one. They have a professional, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and innovative team of experts who genuinely care about the organisations they are working with. They have produced an intuitive and slick website for us and have also been working on a members' area where we can share information and work with other organisations more effectively."


Julia Ravenscroft
Communications Manager - Eurodad