Taking the temperature on Europe’s Progressive Digital Organising

We are embarking on a very exciting and ambitious project: a Report on the State of Digital Organising in Europe in partnership with GQR! We are aiming to achieve a comprehensive study on the status quo of digital organising across Europe, by measuring how and to what extent progressive entities around the continent practise it, and finding potential roadblocks which are preventing further adoption.

Why now?

In recent years we have seen challenges to democracy: the rise of xenophobic populism and ethno-nationalism across Europe to a degree which we have not seen since World War II, as well as a widening inequality gap and continuous environmental devastation. 


The socio-economic consequences of Covid-19 could further worsen these trends. Additionally, the growing amount of disinformation and fake news in social media has reached such a degree that it can no longer be ignored. Now, more than ever, we need to be ready and ensure progressives have the best tools possible to advance and start winning. This requires ensuring consistent use of best practices, harnessing the potential of digital organising in the pursuit of social and economic equality, and environmental sustainability. 

However, the current situation also presents us with a great opportunity for building deep relationships between organising efforts and people, as young and old adapt more to digital spaces and tools. Establishing trust and inspiring engagement are key to prevailing over the critical state of democracy, helping to build social compassion, and preserving democratic morals and values.


What will the outcome of the report be?

  1. Knowledge is power.
     This report will give a snapshot of the current state of the use of digital organising by progressive parties and NGOs throughout Europe. The report will offer insights on what actions currently exist in digital spaces and channels that progressive entities in Europe are employing in their effort to develop more authentic relationships with voters and inspire engagement.

  2. Give insights into best practices around Europe

    Alongside the report, we will offer recommendations based on Tectonica’s tested methodologies and experience, to guide progressive European organisations in understanding and implementing digital organising methods and tools. 



The Team

To help conduct the report, we have acquired the assistance of GQR who brings 4 decades of experience in pioneering research techniques and are known for their uncompromising insistence on methodological rigour. Their commitment to progressive change continues to define the DNA of the firm’s work. Besides GQR, we have also recruited two interns: Filipa Mladenova (Barcelona, Spain) and Katrine Frederiksen (Copenhagen, Denmark). We are sure that their diverse backgrounds and studies in political science will add a fresh perspective to the report.


Participate in the first survey on the State of Digital Organising in Europe

We are looking to hear from political campaigners, organisations, and political parties who are working to advance economic, social and/or environmental justice in Europe. Sign up here if you’d like to participate.


Stay tuned for more information over these next months!