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FrontEnd Developer

Categories: PHP, HTML/CSS, Coding, Front-End

Type of Contract: The position is a full-time position. The contract will be for 6 months with 3 months of test, after 6 months the contract can be extended for another 6 months. After completing the year the contract will be undefined time.

Location: Barcelona, Spain.


Salary 25K to 30K EUR per year

Start Date The position will start in October.

Reports to Development Coordinator


Tectonica Overview

Tectonica Digital Campaign Solutions S.L, applies technologies and strategies to build and grow movements for political parties, candidates, and NGOs. Our services include Strategy, Web Design and Build, App Design and Build, Platform integration, Identity and Branding, Video Production, Email Strategy, Campaign Management, Content Creation, etc. We have worked with some of the most important political parties and organizations in more than 25 countries around the world. Our past clients include Sadiq Khan for London Mayor, GROEN - the Flemish Green Party, Emmanuel Macron La République En Marche!, The Scottish National Party, Defense for Children International - Palestine, and more.


Our Culture

Tectonica has managed to create an environment where everyone has a voice regardless of their position and seniority. The relationships in our office on all levels are usually described as supportive, casual, friendly, relaxed, and authentic. The team has a deep level of established cohesion, and team members know they hold a part of the company’s mission beyond just a single job description. We invite new talent in that cohesion as they join us. Appreciation for diversity in our culture, as well as, individual growth are key factors to our team’s united success. 


Our Values

  1. First, do good.
  2. Organizing over messaging.
  3. Changing the world takes hard work.
  4. Our solutions are designed for everyday change-makers.
  5. Our experiences outside societal privilege is our power.
  6. The big picture is in every detail.
  7. Smart communication facilities group wisdom.


Primary Functions


NationBuilder Development

The growth in development which guarantees the highest level of code in all projects effectively.


Areas of responsibility:

  • Manage systems that support the highest level of code and programming within the company with the NationBuilder backend.
  • Communication with the different sectors such as architects and technical support teams for the design of the most appropriate solution, using NationBuilder's native technologies.
  • Determine the feasibility and problems in NationBuilder development projects and related tasks.
  • Know the engineering processes and good practices when developing sites in NationBuilder.
  • Support the attention and motivation to the development area.
  • Maximize the development of team production and efficiency, allowing products and growth projects.
  • Identify the needs and tools (software, hardware and non-tangible) necessary to optimize the production of work.


Required Experience and Skills

  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in front-end development in Nationbuilder.
  • Minimum of 3 to 5 years of experience in coding on the Nationbuilder platform. (Ideal)
  • Understanding of development procedures and best practices.
  • Five years of professional work (in any area, preferred systems).
  • Proven success in technology/web product development
  • Knowledge of procedures and basic methodologies of project management.
  • English / Spanish proficiency with preferred fluency. Must be able to understand spoken and written English.
  • Preferred experience in any political or organizational work.
  • Highly organized
  • Flexible, enthusiastic, self-stable, team player.
  • Have the idea of ​​knowing what is important and the dedication to do it.
  • The background in organization or policy is valued.
  • Passion to make an impact on the world through the intersection of technology and politics.
  • Extensive experience in HTML 4.01, XHTML, HTML5, CSS3.
  • Knowledge of Photoshop and PSD to HTML conversion with extremely high fidelity. (Ideal)
  • Previous experience in the implementation of Javascript (JQuery, Mootools and any other important library) and functionalities in the main AJAX libraries.
  • Registration of WordPress integration, development of PHP templates for WP, configuration of custom themes and installation of widgets and add-ons.
  • Know-how for image and file optimization.
  • Proven registry of organized, clean and optimized code developed quickly.
  • Knowledge of site installation, FTP and CPanel management, and troubleshooting.


Education required

Bachelor or higher development area. Engineer's degree is highly preferred.



English: fluent or native.

Spanish: fluent or native.

  • Other complementary languages ​​will be valued but not exclusive to the position.


To apply:

Send your CV and a letter of introduction outlining your interest in the position and related experience to . 


Diversity Hiring 

At the core of what we do is build people-based movements. Real progressive movements are never built by people who only understand privilege. For this reason, a personal and deep understanding of identity and the role it plays in politics is a requirement for working at Tectonica. Women, people of colour, immigrants, LGBTQ persons, people with disabilities, ethnic and religious minorities, and people of various minority backgrounds will be given priority in our hiring decisions.