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Tectonica is honored to have joined forces with GirlTrek, a groundbreaking movement that empowers and unites over 1.2 million Black women in their campaign to heal intergenerational trauma, fight against systemic racism, and transform Black lives through their work centered around walking and self-care. With a mission to increase life expectancy by 10 years in 10 years' time, GirlTrek has become a driving force in improving the lives and well-being of Black women across the United States, making them one of the nation's most influential public health interventions. Recognizing the significance of GirlTrek's mission, Tectonica was proud to be called upon to lend its expertise in innovative technologies and platforms. Through this partnership, Tectonica has played a pivotal role in amplifying the reach and effectiveness of GirlTrek's mission. This case study highlights Tectonica's key contributions to achieving GirlTrek's vision.


Strategic Consultancy: Digitalizing Journeys and Capturing Insights

Tectonica's strategic consultancy sessions brought forth impactful actions to enhance supporter journeys and capture valuable insights from new users. By leveraging their expertise in digital engagement, Tectonica supported GirlTrek in developing targeted email surveys that effectively captured essential data and deepened understanding of GirlTrek's supporters. These insights empowered GirlTrek to tailor engagement strategies and make data-driven decisions for sustained growth and impact. Tectonica's strategic guidance helped pave the way for improved supporter relationships and engagement, increased participation, and a stronger sense of community within GirlTrek.

GT-Body2.pngEmpowering Connectivity: Walk and Event Map for Enhanced Engagement

After undergoing a recent rebranding and launching a new website, GirlTrek partnered with Tectonica to develop a customized web app for its site. The purpose was to create an immersive walk and event map, fostering member engagement and connectivity within the GirlTrek community. Seamlessly integrated with Bonterra’s Mobilize technology, this strategic solution provided GirlTrek members with an interactive visual representation of categorized events with appropriate detail, to better facilitate active participation. 

Through the event map, members could easily explore and participate in various experiences, including training walks and other localized activities centered around GirlTrek’s mission. This robust event system provided a platform for Black women to connect, share their stories, and inspire each other.

Enhancing User Engagement and Data-Driven Decision-Making with EveryAction

GirlTrek proposed, in consultation with Tectonica, to develop and implement strategically tailored user journeys and strategies that guided members through personalized experiences, capturing valuable insights and enhancing community connection. Tectonica utilized its expertise in Bonterra's EveryAction platform, a leading technology used by progressives, to enhance user engagement and facilitate data-driven decision-making for GirlTrek. The integration of EveryAction enabled GirlTrek to gather actionable data, create engagement strategies, and build stronger relationships with their members. Tectonica's expertise in configuring the platform and implementing automations further streamlined processes, resulting in an improved user experience and enabling informed decision-making.

Streamlining Operations: Full Tech Stack Integration for Efficiency and Impact

By ensuring a cohesive tech infrastructure, Tectonica empowered GirlTrek to focus on their core mission while driving operational efficiency. Tectonica played a pivotal role in providing a comprehensive integration that delivered value by streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and enabling a cohesive digital ecosystem for GirlTrek. GirlTrek utilizes a range of tech platforms offering unique functionalities to support their strategic objectives, including EveryAction, Mobilize, and our custom-developed web app. Tectonica supported GirlTrek in integrating their full tech stack, achieving a smooth flow and synchronization of data across these platforms. This strategic integration provided GirlTrek with a comprehensive view of their operations, enabling efficient data management, streamlined processes, and maximizing the impact of their initiatives.





Tectonica's strategic collaboration with GirlTrek exemplifies the profound impact of technology that supports organizing and amplifies engagement. Through customized solutions, strategic consultancy, and effective platform integration, Tectonica has supported GirlTrek to expand its reach, foster meaningful connections, and drive a cultural shift centered around self-care and health justice. Tectonica is pleased to have played a pivotal role in supporting GirlTrek's impactful mission.

"Working with Tectonica has been key in our ability to innovate and organize in the digital space. As a growing team that seeks to empower our members with grassroots tools to support their self-care and activism, the expertise they have brought to our team was essential. They have allowed us to deepen our data collection efforts to better connect with membership and turn that information into action and engagement. They bring an intention and passion for impact that made working with them such a positive experience. Tectonica is committed to making tech solutions that support rather than inhibit the grassroots organizing work that we do every day and empowering innovation." 

- Chyna Johnson, Director of Impact and Innovation