The Great Get Together

“We have more in common than that which divides us.” -Jo Cox, Member of Parliament

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The Jo Cox Foundation was established in 2016 in the wake of the tragic murder of MP Jo Cox. The foundation was created to build on Jo’s legacy and create something positive from her tragic death by building stronger communities working to create a more connected and harmonious world.
A year after the foundation was created, the first Great Get Together was organised with the goal of uniting people, bridging divides, and tackling loneliness, all while showing the collective power we have as communities. The principal idea behind the events is the contact theory, that by bringing people together and giving them an opportunity to get to know each other, you can reduce bias and discrimination and promote a shared sense of community.
Tectonica wanted to make it easier for the thousands of volunteers who head the More in Common networks, regional groups that organise local events, to sign up to participate and promote their events online. Visitors to the site can easily search for events in their area and access resources to help them set up their own groups. We hope that the new site will help The Great Get Together continue to grow and succeed in uniting communities to spread the organisation’s values of kindness, inclusion, equality, respect, and humanity.
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"It is a joy working with Tectonica as they bring understanding as well as passion for the digital organising field. Our experience rebuilding our website with them was made so much better as they took the time to understand our aims and objectives thoroughly. Being a small team ourselves, it was brilliant to be welcomed into their smaller team with all of their expertise and ideas. Tectonica is genuinely committed to social change and developing the tech solutions to support it."
- Jo Atkins, Potts Campaigns Manager at the Jo Cox Foundation