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PROJECT TYPE: Political Parties Groen

Groen, the Belgian Green party has great potential to position themselves, among a number of parties, as the representative voice of progressive politics for the 2019 elections. The fulfilment of that opportunity, however, relies on having a world class organizing infrastructure to grow its supporter base. Using NationBuilder, Tectonica designed and built a networked digital system that allows for meaningful connections and a higher level engagement between the Party and its constituents. The new digital presence includes the Party’s main site, as well as themed templates for 170+ local-level sites.

groen-home-desktop.jpgOur operational belief is that people relate to political parties through leadership, everyday issues and the related policies that impact their lives directly. Our design team created a navigation based on strategic user journeys. One major innovations was to create clusters of information types around each issue. Each cluster features the party’s official policy stand, a related personal story, as well as a direct action opportunity for the user, such as a petition.


Tectonica’s design streamlines the site’s UX creating experiential touchpoints. Towards these ends, the site makes use of conditional navigation dependant on the specific user in order to mobilize passionate supporters to volunteer, donate, and become further involved in the party’s activities.

A notable achievement for our studio, the Groen site is one of the most beautiful designs we’ve created to date, and we believe it will set a new standard for political parties worldwide.