How NationBuilder Changes the Game for Nonprofits

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By Khadija Kassanali, NGO, Political Comms, Campaign, and Strategy Intern

You’re the director of a new non-profit promoting social justice issues. A nonprofit is powerless without supporters, so your first step is recruitment. You decide to target individuals who are currently following other environmental organizations on social media, meticulously going through their follower lists, contacting potential supporters, and keeping note of this in an excel spreadsheet.

Now that your organization is gaining traction, volunteers are signing up on your website. Their interests vary- some are looking to volunteer, some are interested in donating, some want to attend events, and others are simply looking for more information.

It’s time to host your first event. You have organized a panel of social justice activists to speak at a local university. To reach out to potential attendees, you manually go through your supporters and invite the ones who are living in the region.

All of this sounds like a lot of work, don’t you think?

Now imagine having one integrated system that enables you to do all of these things in one place.

That is exactly what NationBuilder does. It provides a centralized people database and website content system that can process all of this information and make it easy to use.


NationBuilder provides you with an online “nation.” Your nation includes your website, people, finances, and communication. People can enter your nation in a variety of ways. If you want to contact the Twitter followers of a related organization, you can import them into your nation and tag them as followers of that organization when you do. Now you can customize an email blast (on NationBuilder!) to send to these contacts. Another way people enter your nation is through signing-up on your website. The magic here happens in the way that members register. You can ask what their purpose is and what they’re interested in when they sign up, and NationBuilder automatically tags them with this label. For example, a member may note that they are interested in attending events. NationBuilder will recognize this, and store it so that when it comes time for the events, you can search through the people in your nation, filter by location and interests, and send an invite to all these individuals. There are even RSVP options where people can express interest in volunteering for the event and sign up for shifts.

Remember, all of this, all in one place.

This is just a sample of the myriad of efficiencies created by NationBuilder.

Perhaps NationBuilder’s most powerful tool is its ability to empower. Nonprofits’ supporters exist everywhere, so the challenge lies in bringing them together in one place and motivating them to take action. Through easy setup of action pages, individual event hosting options, leaderboards, and social media sharing, NationBuilder works as the optimal community organizer and mobilizer. It provides a guided path that takes supporters from members to donors or volunteers--it’s the missing link between idea and action.

If you are a nonprofit involved in social change in Argentina and think NationBuilder is right for your organization, you’re in luck!

For the first time ever, Tectonica is dedicating a 48 hour period to creating a fully-equipped NationBuilder website for an Argentine organization at no cost in an event called ACCIÓN LOCAL.

We know how crucial an effective and attractive online space is for an organization’s success, which is why we plan to implement our methodologies and best practices to create a stunning, impactful site for a selected organization. For two days, Tectonica’s yerba mate-fueled team will work tirelessly- from strategy to design to implementation- to work alongside an organization’s staff and make their virtual dreams come true.

If you think your organization is up for the challenge, apply here!