How Tectonica Got Its Name

We are often asked how we got our name. There has been more than one person who has asked us, “what exactly does ‘Tectonica’ mean”? Others have asked us, “ how did you develop a name that matches your corporate identity so well” ? To answer this question I decided to write a blog entry to give a little insight into our name and its development. (On a side note, we do offer corporate identity services, if you are interested).

We chose ‘Tectonica’ after a great deal of company strategic planning and identity work. We sought to have a name that reflected that which was unique about our company. For us, this was first and foremost, stellar modern design. So the name needed to have a certain edge to it. Nothing stodgy or antiquated would be appropriate. Secondly, we bring into this work our passion and our personalities. So we needed a name that would reflect that as well. Maybe even provide a little hint of “nerdiness”. Finally, we wanted our name to reflect the fact that we are doing more than just design; we are constructing websites.

What we provide is less like print design and more like architecture. We have extensive processes developed to build virtual spaces that are used and experienced spatially and temporally. This is where we began our search for our company name.

After tossing around many images, ideas, neologisms and themes we started hovering around the word “architectonic”. For those new to the word, here is what it means:

Architectonic -

1. Of or relating to architecture or design.

2. Having qualities, such as design and structure, that are characteristic of architecture: a work of art forming an architectonic whole.

3. Philosophy - Of or relating to the scientific systematization of knowledge.

We felt pretty good on all three definitions. In fact, while #3 was a surprise to us, we were delighted. The organizing of and systematizing of knowledge is exactly what we are doing with our design work. Extra bonus score! Semantic nerds unite!

Of course, it’s more than just picking a word. It’s about developing a name. For starters, we needed to find something more unique, that has easy recognition, and perhaps most importantly, an available URL for purchase.

We decided to drop the Archi- prefix and play just with ‘tectonic’ part. It made it less of a mouthful, and we were quite attracted to the other implications of the word; ‘Tectonic’ of course having to do with the movements of the earth’s plates and mantel structure.

Tectonic –

(Earth Sciences / Geological Science) Geology - pertaining to the structure or movement of the earth's crust;

a. (of landforms, rock masses, etc.) resulting from distortion of the earth's crust due to forces within it

b. (of processes, movements, etc.) occurring within the earth's crust and causing structural deformation

The science-iness of the implications appealed to our nerd needs, and Mar, our chief designer, was already starting to dream of imagery and graphics to match. We also like the admittedly grandiose implication that we are somehow participating in the movement of the world.

Finally, we decided to add a nice “a” at the end. This gave it a little modern world European feel and a tip of the hat to our Spanish-language Buenos Aires base. Not to mention it just seemed funkier. If there is anything we are, it’s funky.

Is your company or project looking for a name and identity? Trying to represent yourself concisely in a name logo can be one of the most challenging or important activities you can undertake. Feel free to consult with us and see if we can help. Get in touch here.