Tectonica is lucky to have one of the best teams on the planet! Meet Javier Amorós

Tectonica is lucky to have one of the best teams on the planet. To help you get to know the amazing folks that make up our team, we'll be sharing interviews with different team members. Check out this interview with Javier Amorós, Director of Human Resources, Administration and Social Impact at Tectonica, where he describes how he found himself in this work.

Tell us a little about your role at Tectonica.

As the Director for Human Resources, Administration and Social Impact, my job has many different sides to it, but if I had to summarize it, I’d say my role is to ensure that Tectonica is internally prepared to continue its fight to help progressive organizations to gain power within today’s political landscape, mainly through different recruitment and training strategies. In my role, I am also at the forefront of the propagation of the unique culture that makes Tectonica what it is, and to share this status with other similar B-Corps (as well as many different organizations) in order to help spread a culture of ethical values and commitment to the cause.

How did you end up working in this field?

As a lawyer with a background in Political Science, experience in local politics and some incursions in political activism, working in organizing has always been something that really interested me. However, due to a series of unexpected circumstances I ended up working in Tourism for some years, where I discovered that working on making processes more efficient and dynamic was one of the skills I had that could provide significant value. When I started looking for my next adventure (and through a couple of references I had of Tectonica), I thought this was exactly the challenge for me, as I had continued to be an active member of my political community and always wanted to give working in organizing the chance I hadn’t in the past, so when I was given the opportunity to work for a company that reflects and upholds strong ethical values that I identify with, while also being able to provide value through my previous experience, the decision practically made itself.

How do you understand digital organising in the current context, and how might it change in the coming years?

For me, digital organizing burst onto the scene as a logical consequence of the new ways of understanding social relationships in a digital world, and it represents a great opportunity for building new, deep connections between people aimed at achieving common goals.

I think digital organizing has definitely ushered in a new chapter in organizing, as it broadens the reach to previously unheard of levels, and allows for a much larger impact in the world of activism in general. Having said this, I don’t think that we have yet fully explored everything digital organizing has to offer, and of course, new developments such as the rise of AI and its potential impact on people powered movements will continue to generate new situations that will need to be addressed. I think the future holds great potential but also a lot of risks, and staying alert and adapting quickly to new realities will be a great challenge to take on.

What do you think makes Tectonica stand out in this sector?

I think it's actually a mixture of three things: firstly, I believe that the unique methodology we work with separates us from other players in the sector, and allows for more unique and innovative solutions to be developed. The diverse team that Tectonica has is the second key aspect of its uniqueness, as having such a rich mixture of backgrounds, identities and personal stories allows for a much more comprehensive vision of the world, which in turn translates into everything we do. Finally, the dynamism and ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment makes Tectonica a very resilient team that is able to overcome adversity and reshape what we do to fit the new realities we face. All of these come together in this unique mix that makes Tectonica a super exciting project to be a part of.

What has been the most exciting project you’ve worked on?

I think being a part of structuring the way Tectonica scales in size is one of the key challenges I have been lucky enough to be a part of since I joined. Being able to scale the value provided by the team so that we can take on more projects and generate a bigger impact is clearly something really exciting, as it demands a high level of organisation but also the willpower to be able to successfully navigate through a large change in culture and structure, all whilst still ensuring that the best quality of work is still presented to everyone Tectonica works with.

Could you share information about any future initiatives at Tectonica that you’re excited to be a part of?

Another initiative that I find really exciting is exploring the potential that being a certified B-Corp brings to Tectonica. As a newly certified organisation, there is so much potential to tap into and I am really happy to explore the new avenues that this brings, in order to uphold our certification and to continue providing value to everyone we work with.