Tectonica is lucky to have one of the best teams on the planet! Meet Katya Firsova

Tectonica is lucky to have one of the best teams on the planet. To help you get to know the amazing folks that make up our team, we'll be sharing interviews with different team members. Check out this interview with Katya Firsova, Account Manager at Tectonica, where she describes how she found herself in this work.

Tell us a little about your role at Tectonica.

As an account manager, my role is to help Tectonica’s clients through projects and changes we are supporting them to make in their organizations. While working on daily tasks, I aim to ensure that all the actions we take together in projects help to build authentic connections and engage people, which is essential for building power and making a significant impact. In other words, there is always a bigger objective present in what we are trying to achieve with our clients.

How did you end up working in this field?

My reasons for moving from Ukraine to Spain in 2022 were certainly not to fulfill a professional path. However, Tectonica felt like a 100% match from the first moment of reading both the company and role descriptions. I couldn't hide my excitement during the interview process, and I think Ned and the team might have noticed that :)

I have degrees in both Political Science and Communications, as well as account management experience in creative industries. My education helps me understand the key methodology concepts we work with as a company and navigate through the constantly changing political context. On the other hand, my previous experience as an account manager is what I rely on when supporting clients in their daily work and helping them overcome the challenges they may face.

How do you understand digital organising in the current context, and how might it change in the coming years?

After working at Tectonica for some time, I consider digital organizing as an approach and specific mindset that focuses on building deeper relationships with people, empowering them with a strategy and tools to make an impact in a decentralized way.

Looking to the future, it will be interesting to see how the concept of change evolves due to the current challenges facing the world. I also wonder how relationships between organizations and their supporters, members, or volunteers will be maintained and transformed as new technologies emerge. I'm not sure who said this phrase, but I share this vision that, in the current context, we need to do digital better by innovating and finding ways to use digital technologies more effectively.

We often discuss the state of digital organizing during our weekly Tectonica team meetings, and it always provides me with a new perspective. I feel that there is still so much to discover within this approach.

What do you think makes Tectonica stand out in this sector?

First of all, I would say it's our people. We have a super diverse team with representatives from different cultures, life experiences, and views, which helps us see projects from different angles. This is also one of the biggest growth points for me, as I have previously only worked in monocultural teams.

The second thing I want to mention is what unites us all: a shared belief that change is possible, and we have a vision of how to bring it about. This is what makes us helpful for our clients.

Finally, what comes to mind is the unique methodology we work with. I don't see anyone in the sector promoting the same approach that we stand for.

What has been the most exciting project you’ve worked on?

All of my projects inspire me a lot, but I would say branding, communication, and strategic projects are the ones I can think and talk about the most. Not only do I enjoy them, but they also strengthen the creative muscle of the team.

For example, I remember working on the branding development for the LevelUp! event for the European Youth Forum, where we created naming, logo concepts, and messaging. I applied my knowledge of communications to the tasks we faced.

I also recall our strategic work for the European Green Party, where we facilitated groups of internal stakeholders with different needs and points of view to help them reach a shared strategic vision and identify future areas of growth. I'm always astonished by our team's skill set at facilitating a process of this depth.