Lebanon's National Bloc

The rebirth of a long dormant party

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The National Bloc is a Lebanese political party working to be a people-based non-sectarian force in Lebanese politics, representing a call for transparency, good governance, progressive policies, and a break from the cycle of blame in the country’s political culture.



Today’s National Bloc is a rebirth of a long dormant party in Lebanon that has carried over no supporter base or infrastructure from the past. Tectonica worked with the National Bloc to identify key opportunities for digital organising to recruit, engage, and mobilise supporters through campaigns based on issues that directly impact the lives of diverse citizens across the country.

“Tectonica has played a pivotal role in portraying our party as a credible alternative not doing politics-as-usual in Lebanon and putting citizens at the center of the focus.”


- Lynn Harfoush
Digital Project Manager - Lebanon National Bloc