Our Method: The Art of Digital Organising

Digital organising isn’t a department. Or even a position on your team. It's a discipline, an overarching method, a way of operating.

More transformative than a fab five for our progressive fight, our solutions have the potential to change a team’s work entirely inside and out, shifting the dynamic to harness the power of latent supporter passion resulting in strategic resources needed to win progressive change:

Trust, reach, money, volunteers, activism, vote share, etc. ... 


We are here throughout the process:



Creating a custom plan based on your community and context.


We identify, set up, build, and connect the digital tools needed for success.


We support the day to day of effective digital campaigning.  


Our services have you covered for every area you need to manage the transition (without necessarily growing your team).


Digital Campaign Plan

Strategic Digital Plan for Organisations

Website Project Discovery

List Building Campaigns

Digital Campaign Management

Email Programme Strategy

Leadership & Distributed Organising Plan

Ongoing Strategic Consultation

Digital Organising Team Trainings

We believe that real change does not fundamentally come from technology: It comes from people. Utilising methodologies derived from the long tradition of organising, we support campaigns with strategic transformations: scalable techniques to give people a voice, a seat at the table, and a place in the movement. This is how we create lasting change.


Brand & Identity

Web Design

UI/UX Design

Visual Storytelling

App Design

Ad Creatives


Video Production

Social graphics

Design thinking permeates our work. We create with an audience in mind and with an objective at hand. From the creation of narrative to communicating worthiness of a cause to designing interfaces for supporter engagement, our creative services are a cornerstone of the success behind our solutions. 


Digital Audits

Tech Stack Assessment & Development

Custom Web Development

CRM & CMS Integration

Cross-platform Integration

Technical Training & Support

Today’s political technologies allow us to scale relationships and create an impact from organising that years ago was unthinkable. Despite the number of new products, success depends on much more than finding the new innovation. Tectonica’s technology services help to see beyond trends and shallow solutions to build effective tech solutions.

Our expertise goes beyond.

The core of organising is relationships. That is why Tectonica is expert on all the industry’s most powerful organising Client Relationship Management systems (CRMs). These platforms are built for community organising and advocacy.




Action Network



An app to supercharge organising

MyActionCenter is a tool created by Tectonica and built on the NationBuilder platform to coordinate your universe of online actions. Create a habit of regular engagement and watch your support skyrocket.

Visit MyActionCenter Website →