Mighty Networks and Digital Organising through Community Platforms

Contributor: Alonso Hernández

Our model for building political movements is rooted in the creation of collective power. We want to empower our supporters to hold different roles within their campaigns (with various levels of leadership) to increase the movement’s strength. For this to happen, it is essential to cultivate cohesion between the movement’s members and to build trust and self-confidence. In a nutshell: to build community.

This is not an easy endeavour - it may take years and is even more complex when your campaign is spread around the country using digital spaces to nurture the necessary connections and relationships. 

We face this challenge very often in partnership with our clients. There are no fixed formulas here. Solutions may vary according to the nature of the organisation and the campaign, the available budget, and the staff. For any given context, we believe that focusing on the following objectives is essential:

  • Developing and strengthening leaders.
  • Connecting leaders and groups with each other and with the organisation.
  • Creating a space to share experiences and best practices.
  • Providing a space for structured and directed learning and onboarding.
  • Enabling ways to give feedback and propose new ideas.
  • Crowdsourcing content and knowledge.
  • Ensuring decision and strategy participation.
  • Facilitating coordinated actions.

One of the most exciting solutions with the potential to meet these objectives is Mighty Networks.

Mighty Networks is a community software whose primary purpose is to provide organisations with all the necessary features to facilitate an entire community. Its strengths are in facilitating connections, information, and the creation of organisational culture. This can be very interesting if your main goal is to generate cohesion and promote mobilisation.

Moreover, one of its features is the creation of private workgroups, which allows working on different levels of engagement with the community. For example, Mighty Networks allows the maintenance of big active groups of supporters ready to mobilise and, at the same time, having dedicated workspaces for leaders to coordinate long-term and transformational digital organising.

Initially designed for content creators or to strengthen brand recognition, it is easily adaptable to political and advocacy campaigns. With Mighty Networks, it is possible to create your digital community, publish a website and landing pages. It also has highly functional mobile apps. These spaces are complemented by exciting tools such as native live streaming and video, chat and messaging, events and Zoom integration, forums, polls… In short, Mighty Networks is an excellent and convenient solution to develop your online community.

In addition to Mighty Networks, there are other interesting solutions to consider, such as Tribe or Circle, or even Hivebrite (although Hivebrite is more focused on serving huge organisations, acting almost like a massive internal social network, ideal for unions and universities).

In any case, whether we use a community software solution, or a combination of various tools such as Slack, WhatsApp groups, and Facebook groups, what is unquestionable is the need to invest in human resources as well, and focus on growing a cohesive community and making collective power bloom.