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Product Coordinator

Type of Contract
The position is a full time position.

Position and work application will dependent on location and arrangement. The position could be remote work in another country/city as a subcontractor or as an employee in Barcelona, Spain if candidate is eligible to work in the EU.


Base salary 26K to 31K EUR per year (30K to 36K USD per year)
Bonuses available depending upon meeting and exceeding sales objectives

Start Date
The position will start between March 15th and April 15th.

Reports to
Chief Executive Office

Tectonica Overview

Tectonica Digital Campaign Solutions S.L, applies technologies and strategies to build and grow movements for political parties, candidates, and NGOs. Our services include Strategy, Web Design and Build, App Design and Build, Platform integration, Identity and Branding, Video Production, Email Strategy, Campaign Management, Content Creation, etc. We have worked with some of the most important political parties and organizations in more than 25 countries around the world. Our past clients include Sadiq Khan for London Mayor, GROEN - the flemish Green Party, Emmanuel Macron La République En Marche!, The Scottish National Party, Defense for Children International - Palestine, and more. Tectonica has won multiple political industry awards including a Pollie Award, Polaris Award, and six Reed Awards. This year Tectonica won Best European Website for the third year in a row and Best International Firm.

Our Culture

Tectonica has managed to create an environment where everyone has a voice regardless of their position and seniority. The relationships in our office on all levels are usually described as supportive, casual, friendly, relaxed, and authentic. The team has a deep level of established cohesion, and team members know they hold a part of the company’s mission beyond just a single job description. We invite new talent in that cohesion as they join us. Appreciation for diversity in our culture, as well as, individual growth are key factors to our team’s united success.

Our Values

  • First, do good.
  • Organizing over messaging.
  • Creating real change takes hard work, not tricks
  • Our solutions are designed for everyday change-makers.
  • Our experiences outside societal privilege is our power.
  • The big picture is in every detail.
  • Smart communication facilities group wisdom.

MyAction Center

MyActionCenter is a tool that provides a customized experience for activists. By providing weekly opportunities for engagement with an assortment of actions the campaign sets up, it encourages your most enthusiastic supporters to become more regularly engaged in helping the cause. MyActionCenter feels and looks as an application but is built entirely on NationBuilder as a front-ed. It shares the same nation as your campaign or organizing site, so they integrate seamlessly with each other as part of your integrated organizing strategy. Each user has their own customized portal, so they sign up and sign in first. Actions are shown based on the users’ interests. These can be campaign specific, geographical, or the types of actions that interest them. Some available actions are: Donate, Volunteer Sign a Petition, Sign Up for Events, Recruit People and more. You can read more here:

Primary Functions

Overall Objective:

  • Sell and support a minimum of 3 new MyActionCenter basic sales per month and one enterprise level contract every 3 months.
  • Conduct full oversight of this small product offering.

The position requires a high level of independence and a wide array of skills to oversee all aspects of the MyActionCenter web application.

Position allows a high level of autonomy and entrepreneurial thinking in its approach.

Promotional Activities

  • Conduct ongoing promotional activities to increase the profile and recognition of MyActionCenter product.
  • Manage the MyActionCenter Facebook Page.
  • Liaise with community partners to promote my action center.
  • Create case studies and featured success of MyActionCenter.
  • Conduct public demos of the web application.
  • Upkeep the online demo of MyActionCenter.
  • Assist with the development and implementation of a marketing plan for MyActionCenter.
  • Write regular promotional emails for clients and community.


  • Oversee direct sales activities for the MyActionCenter product including an effective marketing funnel for potential clients.
  • Respond to incoming MyActionCenter interests.
  • Conduct demos for potential MyActionCenter clients.
  • Close deal for both MyActionCenter Basic licenses.
  • Work with other Tectonica staff to ensure contract negotiations and invoicing.
  • Develop system for tracking license use of MyActionCenter. Ensure following ups at regular intervals to ensure clients are using MyActionCenter.
  • Maintain system for tacking of potential clients.

Oversee Project Setup

  • Oversee the process of new clients being set up on MyActionCenter.
  • Serve as the primary client contact for MyActionCenter clients.
  • Ensure collection of MyActionCenter required materials (brand, images, etc.) from clients.
  • Project Manage the setup process.
  • Conduct basic configuration and setup of MyActionCenter projects.
  • Liaise with designer and coder for any specific client needs.

Support + Training

  • Conduct support and training activities for MyActionCenter clients to ensure their successful use of the application.
  • Conduct initial web video training for clients'.
  • Assist clients with the support and setup of actions for the first two weeks of implementation.
  • Triage bugs as report. Solve issues where possible.
  • Clarify scope when an issue is a reported bug vs. a client needing further support or training beyond scope.
  • Track requests for new features and assist in assessing further development potentials.
  • Develop and explore new action types and document them for clients.
  • Develop and upkeep online documentation and training materials for clients.
  • Develop and moderate online community for MyActionCenter users.
  • Develop advanced methods for MyActionCenter use such as configurations with paths, daisy-chained actions, levels, smart tag actions, etc.

Partnerships & Innovation

  • Develop partnership within the community of digital organizers and activists to raise the profile and potential for MyActionCenter
  • Work with integration partners for the development of new action types.
  • Research and develop best practices for use such as use for desktop functionality.
  • Keep partners updated as to success and improvements in MyActionCenter.

Enterprise Account Manager

  • Oversee the management of Enterprise level clients to ensure they receive the highest value for the level of service.
  • Onboard Enterprise account showing the greater value of continue support and account management.
  • Support Enterprise accounts with end-to-end services for the application of MyActionCenter.
  • Developer larger strategic objectives and implementation plan for MyActionCenter solutions.
  • Ensure compliance with digital organizing best practices in the implementation of MyActionCenter for Enterprise clients.
  • Provide ongoing support and assistance for Enterprise clients.
  • Assist with the development of strategic actions on an ongoing basis for Enterprise clients.
  • Provide higher level support for MyActionCenter Enterprise clients to ensure their ongoing success of project objectives. 


  • Additional activities for the MyActionCenter product.
  • Any activity that aligns with the improvement, oversight, sales, and success of the MyActionCenter application.

Required Experience and Skills

  • Broad range of skills ranging from good people skills, sales skills, writing and marketing skills, to technical ability.
  • Ability to learn and manage CRM and CMS portions of NationBuilder.
  • Solid time management skills with the ability to plan, organize and implement multiple initiatives and deadline-driven workloads while consistently providing outstanding customer service.
  • Highly organized and detail-obsessed.
  • Flexible, enthusiastic, self-starting, team player.
  • Ideally some technical background or aptitude for development of immediate small solutions.
  • Background in organizing or politics is appreciated but not essential.
  • Passion for making impact in the world through the intersection of technology and politics.

Education requirements

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in related field or equivalent experience.


  • English: Fluent or native.
  • Spanish: preferred writing and speaking intermediate or advanced.
  • Others (it will be valued)

To apply

Send your CV and a letter of introduction outlining your interest in the position and related experience to
First round of applicants will be reviewed on March 18th.

Diversity Hiring

At the core of what we do is build people-based movements. Real progressive movements are never built by people who only understand privilege. For this reason, a personal and deep understanding of identity and the role it plays in politics is a requirement for working at Tectonica. Women, people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ persons, people with disabilities, ethnic and religious minorities, and people of various minority backgrounds will be given priority in our hiring decisions.