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PROJECT TYPE: Advocacy + NGOs Olympians Rising

The U.S. Olympic Committee has done a poor job at serving Olympic athletes in the U.S. It has turned a blind eye to numerous abuse cases, spends less than 10% of its budget in athletes and coaches, and has gained a reputation as a disorganized, wasteful and malfunctioning organization In that context, Olympians Rising emerged as a new nonprofit demanding a complete reform of this organization, and to appropriately address the claims of abuse and mistreatment by U.S. Olympians. For their launch, we created a site that enabled them to fundraise, spread their message, direct supporters to signing their key petition, and encourage U.S. Olympians to share their personal stories on how the malfunctioning of the U.S. Olympic Committee affected their performances and lives.

We based this project on the Advocate theme, our theme-based solution for nonprofits.