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Digital strategy is our mark on the world; how our brand update reflects our approach

We’re super excited as we have undergone a visual makeover to reflect our place in the world and the larger scope of services we are now providing.

Tectonica is continuously growing. Tectonica is expanding its services. Tectonica has made a move to Barcelona. As you can see, 2018 has been a huge year for us, not only in terms of clients we served, but also the movement and growth we went through as a company. In a similar way that we advise our clients, we thought we’d do a bit of self-reflection around how that change impacted us and how to best share that with the world. We’re not a design studio, we’re not a website agency. We are digital organisers, holistic tech strategists, who help you build your movement; and make it look stunning while doing so. While design is central to our strategy, our philosophy changed into something more complex, more dynamic and more impactful.

One of the things we’ve decided to do to reflect this is change our logo. Our new logo is more distinctive and reflects the always unique process that we follow when we serve our clients. You can newly see the logo as a continuous line, almost evocative of a “labyrinth”. This shows that modern organising is not a simplistic A to B. In many ways, since we’re dealing with large groups of people, as well as individuals within those groups, it has to be a carefully curated cognitive process. We wanted this to be symbolised in the new logo. The continuous line, evocative of the human brain, the complexity of human thought and behaviour, which we reflect and capture in our holistic approach to how we digitally organise humans. That’s what we’re here for - we help navigate you through this maze of possibilities and decisions to make sure you emerge with a winning movement.

Our new logo is more distinctive and reflects the always unique process that we follow when we serve our clients.

The psychology of the logo has been very important to us. It is no longer a filled space, but a system of several interconnected areas, circumscribed by a continuous stroke: this represents the necessary collaboration and balance between us and the clients in every process, from the dialogue to the final strategy. The fact that any sense meaning is created not only by what is said, but by what is not said - like with music, the effect and impact is not created only by notes, but also by the silences between them. This silent but meaningful space is core to the new logo and indeed our philosophy.

When we started our business at Tectonica, our motto was “changing the world, one pixel at the time”. We think we have lived up to that motto, to the point that we are actually producing an impact in our world that we could have hardly dream in our humble beginnings. When we started, we were living and breathing the mission. Now we’re not only doing that, but we’ve also defined exactly how we want to do that. Our logo and its new directional nature reflects that. We want to empower people to make their own change in their world, with a comprehensive use of technology. We want to do this for the good and benefit of future generations. We want to bolster democracy, through technology. Join us on this exciting journey.

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