Tectonica 2.0: Our New Website!


There is a saying here in South America, ¨en casa de herrero, cuchillo de palo,¨ which roughly means ¨in the knife-makers house, they use a knife of wood.¨ This has been much the case with our original website. Our beautiful old site earned us much success in finding fantastic new projects. So many new projects, in fact, that in the last two years we have not had any time ourselves to create a new site for our studio.

We tell most of our clients a good site will be within web standards for between three to four years. After two it begins to look rather dated. Such was the case with our old site. We had not built the site responsively. Considering we don´t even build non-responsive sites this was a pretty big issue.

Perhaps the largest driving force for the new site was also the desire for us to build our web presence into NationBuilder itself, to take advantage of the many incredible outreach and engagement tools available in the system. We have seen these tools time and again help our clients like the Labour Party and Movement for Change build truly deep movements from their digital presence.

Our new site invites you to join our Open Studio program, which will engage our web users in an online community based around the studio. This program is set up for a large range of our contacts: potential clients, former clients, the local and international design and tech communities, as well as friends, fans, and family. The Open Studio is our communication central, where we will share tips on web building, announce upcoming trainings, and show off the day-to-day of our office life.

We pulled no shots with the new site. There are lots of little details reflecting the newest technologies available, from animated SVG icons, to our motion graphics video, to parallax scrolling animation to tell of our recent success stories.

We also had the absolutely amazing opportunity to partner with some of the most creative, brilliant, and talented people out there when we put the site together. Ralph Karam and the team at Le Cube did an absolutely amazing job producing our motion graphics intro video. And Kristy Lin Billuni, aka the Sexy Grammarian helped us clean up our written content.

We invite you to browse around the site and hope you enjoy it. And be sure to drop us a note to let us know what you think.