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Introducing an all-new NationBuilder Theme

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Your Political Party’s Website Solution

For Progressive Political Parties

Based on Tectonica’s exclusive NationBuilder theme, we will build and customize your campaign website to win any election.

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Based on Tectonica’s exclusive NationBuilder theme, we will build and customize your political party’s website to gain support and awareness for your movement.

Using the theme’s highly flexible layout, we personalize the brand and site elements to your political party’s needs in order to create a wide variety of diversity and customization between sites while maintaining a much lower cost than full custom builds.

The theme allows for all NationBuilder standard key features and templates for a political party to gain and grow the support of the people.

After determining the digital campaigning needs of the political party, Tectonica will adjust the location of key elements of the homepage and build a sitemap in order to ensure supporters, volunteers, donors, and press take the actions most necessary on the website to maximize the political movement’s digital efforts.

We plan and build for the following

We will assess your target voter demographics and candidate profile and develop a
brand specific to your electoral race.

The Party

Introducing the Political Party: History, Beliefs, Members, etc.

Party Platform

Platform: Presenting the issues and policies most prevalent to the political party.


Sign Up Supporters, Manage Members, Donation and Volunteers.


...And design customization to reflect the strategic needs of the party.

We build your website with all of the key components
to run and win a campaign

All NationBuilder Native Features

Fully Mobile

Strategy Consultation & Planning

Solid Code & Implementation


Training for Campaign Staff

We will customize

Order of Homepage Elements
Site Map
Brand: Colors, Fonts, & a Type-based logo.
Iconography (issues, calls to action, etc.)

Available add-ons

Content Input
Custom Sections and Layouts
Special Functionalities
Ongoing Support & Maintenance

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