Sortition Foundation

A not-for-profit organisation to promote and institute sortition in empowered assemblies.

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The Sortition Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to promote and institute sortition (random selection) in empowered assemblies. They work toward creating a world free from partisan politicking, where a representative random sample of people forms citizen assemblies to make a positive impact.
Sortition needed to create a digital presence with a strong narrative that clearly explained their mission and how they work to achieve it. The organisation also needed to streamline the website structure to make navigation easier, and have a better overall user experience.
We created a website in NationBuilder based on the Advocate theme and created a custom homepage. The clear and vibrant user interface makes use of the capabilities of NationBuilder to engage different audiences though subscriptions and memberships.
                         phone_sortition_foundation.jpg            phone_sortition_foundation_3.jpg


Finally, we gave the brand a refresh, with a logo that better represented the core spirit of diversity and political inclusion. Along with it, we adjusted the color palette, the visual language, and the general design system that will help them consolidate their authority and attract potential customers.



Sortition foundation has long established experience working with world-class institutions strengthening democracy all over the world. In a political landscape more and more divided where many people face obstacles to be heard, Sortition Foundation works to make a more representative democracy that helps bypass the powerful vested interests of traditional politics.

Tectonica really helped us focus on the narrative strength of our message to create a fantastic site that we are extremely proud of! It was great working with them, and now our site feels ready to really build a movement to change the way democracy is done!


- Brett Henning
Co-founder and Co-director