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As careers have significantly changed over the past twenty years, unions need to ensure that they remain relevant and engage workers in new sectors. Today, the UK is a major hub for tech, and workers in this field have issues and problems that could be tackled by unions. To ensure that tech workers are equally represented, Prospect, the UK Tech workers union, has modernised its approach to this specific sector whose workers traditionally have not participated as union members. Using modern digital organising technology, their new approach focused on raising awareness of the possibilities of unionisation first and then developing relationships with workers by providing them with information about the benefits of building a union, regular events, and opportunities to learn from other workers about issues facing the sector. Eventually, these workers would be invited to become members of the Tech Workers Union.


Leveraging our experience building web tools to organise movements and build people power, Tectonica created a site on the NationBuilder platform allowing Prospect to do just that. Through this site, the workers are empowered and the union can support workers and foster engagement. We built a space for tech workers to engage and learn about the importance and benefits of unionisation in the industry as a way to fight for better working conditions, equal pay, equality, and justice, all in one environment.


We created a specific journey for education, engagement, connecting, and creating community around different issues and a direct path to join the Tech Workers Union. This website now serves as a hub where tech workers can take the first steps to organise in their workplaces all across the country, and, most importantly, where they can strive to create lasting impacts in union organising and digital organising. We were thrilled to join the Union’s fight to eradicate the gender pay gap, give more transparency to pay and bonus structures, and, most importantly, amplify the voices of marginalised and underrepresented workers in tech.