Tectonica Goes All-Responsive!


Tectonica has made a definitive decision: From here forward we will only be delivering entirely responsive websites. We have noticed a fundamental shift over this past year as mobile platform usage has continued to accelerate. Web design has hit a tipping point where websites must work across the full spectrum of screen sizes.

The last several sites we built that were not responsive, we explained prior to the project that without the extra effort of planning and coding responsive, the sites might not work on smart phones or tablets. Despite our pleas, some cost-conscious clients decided against our recommendations. The first ¨bug¨ they reported after we completed those projects?  “The site looks broken on mobile devices!”

This is not shocking when you consider how integral to the web experience mobile devices have become. Percentage of mobile traffic on the web jumped from 11% in 2012 to over 17% in 2013.  That is more than a 50% growth. Here in South America, mobile web traffic more than doubled in just one year. The days of the Internet connecting personal computers are quickly passing. The web has grown legs and goes with us wherever we go.

Perhaps more important in our decision than any of this compelling information is that at the end of the day, Tectonica creates beautiful and functional, responsive sites. Most of our coders, who are involved with fluid layout decisions when coding responsively, are also trained in design, which is truly key to developing sites with a beauty across screen sizes. Check out some of the responsive sites in our portfolio.