Tectonica Named to NationBuilder Architects Program

We are happy to announce that we have been named by Nationbuilder.com as part of their NationBuilder Architects Program. The program is a selection of top notch designers hand picked by the NationBuilder's Lead Designer, who have the design and code capacity to build custom designs for the NationBuilder platform.


NationBuilder is a community organizing system which is both a Content Management System (CMS) and a people management system (CRM). What is more is that the two systems are built together and integrated fully with social networking systems like Facebook and Twitter. So the same easy-to-use backend manages the content of your website, all the people following you on Twitter or Facebook, your volunteers, your supporters activities, who is giving and how money is being donated. You can even reward the activist that helps the movement with “political capital” - a point system they can cash in for rewards. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

With this partnership we will also be working closely with their team, to help support us with their product and ensure the sites we do are fully integrated and beautifully functional.

We love our new partnership with NationBuilder. For us, they are encapsulating so much of the vision of what we want to achieve with our design efforts - use the power of the internet for positive change and better virtual and real worlds. It is a platform which gives us powerful tools to help the non-profits we work with to build their base, support and promote ideas, and garner donations.

We also are looking forward to the opportunity to work on political campaigns. The ease of use of the program, and affordability, really allow small grassroots movements the ability to organize and build a groundswell. From major politicians to homegrown community efforts, NationBuilder is about promoting ideas and harnessing the power of people’s will. It’s truly democratic. We are excited to add our design passion to help communicate and augment those efforts.