Why All Of Our Staff Became NationBuilder Experts

Tectonica is one a handful of companies that have all three NationBuilder certifications - Architect, Expert, and Developer.  As designers, we’ve found that expanding our services to include programming, development, and support for communications and campaigns, enables us to meet the full range of our client’s needs. This month, we decided to take it one step further: every person on staff completed the online training program to become a Certified NationBuilder Expert*.

(*With the exception of our CCO - Chief Cuddling Officer)


NationBuilder + Tectonica: A Happy History


Tectonica was one of NationBuilder’s first Architects. In fact, when we were first approached by NationBuilder did not even have a name for the program yet. They simply wanted to identify a group of designers who they trusted to develop custom work to the highest standards for organizations seeking superior service on their platform.

Soon after, they started the NationBuilder Expert program to recognize strategic thinkers and facilitators who had mastered the skills to create and manage community organizing campaigns. The Expert certification focuses on site setup, data management and advanced workflow features.

At Tectonica, we have the resources to tackle large, complex projects  with outstanding attention to detail and customer requirements, for instance, a network of sites for the UK Labour Party, winning campaigns for marriage equality in two US States, and supporting the health and wellness movement. Each team member excels in their chosen specialty, from our world class Lead Designer, to our front and back-end coders, to our Support Lead, who was our first NationBuilder Expert.

Teamwork: Argentine Style

Our process involves the entire team from start to finish - developers are consulted during the design phase, and designers are brought back during usability testing. Every project is reviewed by the whole group for risk, stability, user experience and plain ol’ good looks before it is released to the client. 


Teamwork comes naturally to us at Tectonica. In Buenos Aires, Argentina (our home base) one strength of the work culture is the solidarity among  staff members working together to achieve objectives. We go as a team, whether it is pushing a project through to completion, pulling bookshelves up from the balcony, or celebrating around our office bar.

While each one of us has their specialty areas, it is important that we are able to speak each other’s language. Now that we are all Experts, everyone speaks NationBuilder fluently, from one end of the shop to the other. When we build custom online community organizing tools, everyone in the production process knows the platform’s full range of features and potential uses.

We believe deeply in our clients and their missions, and having everyone on the team certified in NationBuilder's Expert program is just one more way for us to continue building the best online tools for our clients' continued success.