Tectonica´s New Digs!

I am very excited to announce that Tectonica has some great new digs. Both Mar and I consider ourselves very lucky to have an abundance of amazing clients with inspiring projects since we began Tectonica. Equally, we have been able to expand our team with wonderful local talent who have enabled us to meet our ever increasing needs.


It became pretty clear over the last few months that Tectonica required a larger office space than what we started with eight months ago.Taking a big step beyond the ¨garage¨ stage of our little design start-up was a bit intimidating. Truly important to us is to have a space that is conducive to inspired work, good relationships, and aesthetically reflective of the quality of design which we value and create. Basically we required space that was a real version akin to the virtual spaces that we build. We also wanted something that would feel like home, and would be large enough to allow us to grow when needed.

It actually didn´t take long. We fell in love almost immediately with one of the first offices we came across. In fact, we were probably in love even before we entered the building. Across from the building there is a vegetarian buffet, a day spa, and a bookstore where the literary genius (and Ned´s hero) Jorge Luis Borges spoke on his final afternoon in the country before going to Europe to die. The street in front of the building( a shared bike lane and pedestrian street) is lined with classical, european-like late 19th Century buildings. People often remark that these buildings in Buenos Aires remind them of old Paris. There is some good reason to this as Argentina actually utilized those same architects in the late 19th and early 20th century during the city´s building boom.

The building in which our office sits is in fact, historic; designed by one of the greatest architectural minds of Argentina - Alejandro Christophersen (1866 - 1946). Christophersen, of Norwegian descent, was born in Spain, studied in Belgium and moved to Argentina at the age of 22. Soon afterward he became richly involved in the design, planning and building of great works in the city. These famous works include the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, Anchorena Palace, the Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, Cafe Tortoni, and the Astoria Hotel.

We´re also pretty excited about the location. This five room office is located just around the corner from the famous Obelisco of Buenos Aires, Teatro Colon and the famous Avenida 9 de Julio. It is also the very center of all transit in Buenos Aires - only a block and a half from where the subway lines all converge.

We are so grateful to all our amazing clients and to the hard work of our dedicated team that has made this move to this next step possible. We’ll be sure to post more pictures of the office and our daily activities in it once we get a little more settled in.