Harm Reduction Therapy Center

A vision for a just healthcare system that excludes no one.

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The Harm Reduction Therapy Center exists to provide integrated mental health care and substance use treatment to people who, because their relationship with drugs is so intertwined with other emotional and social aspects of their lives, need more than simple “just say no” solutions and mainstream programs.



We are committed to reaching everyone whose relationship with drugs is concerning – from people who live outwardly successful lives yet are suffering in perhaps unseen ways to people who have lost everything, including those whose world is dominated by the trauma of survival on the streets.




“We've been working with Tectonica for seven years now and they are our favorite consultant experience. The response across the board from our community was awe at how gorgeous and modern the site was. Seven years later and our website is still current: clean, clear, and direct. Tectonica's team is responsive, they "get" what we do quickly, and they translate their understanding into graphic language that speaks clearly to our clients. Plus, they are a huge delight to work bringing enthusiasm to the process so that it’s even enjoyable. ”


- Jeannie Little  
Executive Director