The Other Jerusalem

Forget what you know about Jerusalem.

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Jerusalem is a deeply divided city. While West Jerusalem enjoys public investment and a high standard of life, families in the Palestine-majority East side live under occupation and in frequently inhumane conditions. The majority of households live in poverty and are deprived from the public goods Israeli residents enjoy. In addition, most Palestinians are under the “permanent residents” status, which can be revoked without due process.
Spanish NGO Mundubat partnered with Defense for Children International - Palestine to shed light on the unjust situation Palestinians in Jerusalem endure, and they reached out to us to to share this story with the world. For that purpose, we created The Other Jerusalem, a site that explains the difference in living situations between Israeli and Palestinian residents, and calls to take action to end it.
The website puts storytelling on the forefront. As both NGOs are advocacy organizations, we relied heavily on facts and figures. That’s why we used infographics and clear, source-included statements as the foundations of our narration. We paired this with clean animations and transitions in order to provide a visually attractive experience.


The second pillar we considered for The Other Jerusalem was engagement, so we included a call to action in the end of the narration. We believed the best way to convert our supporters to activists was to display a petition in the launch page, making the transition from passive learning to active action seamless and immediate.