TON Newsletter - 25 Nov, 2020

Welcome to Tectonica Organising Network’s twice-monthly newsletter! We work hard to curate and create the best content out there on progressive digital organising and share it with you, along with some updates on upcoming events and trainings, what we’ve been up to, and even a bit about what’s going on on the other side

Featured Digital Organising Resources

Facebook Banned Your Ads. Now What?

Facebook has indefinitely banned ads that fall into the broad category of “social issues, elections, or politics.” Sadly, this means a lot of advocacy organisations working on important issues, like immigration, food security, racial justice, and climate advocacy (just to name a few) are facing barriers in reaching supporters through this platform. ACM Strategies offers some helpful tips on how to get around the ban to make sure current and new supporters are receiving your message.

New Briefer: The future of advocacy

This brief by the Women’s Major Group summarises the findings of a brainstorming session they held with their members and a follow-up survey looking at the diverse tools members use in their online and offline activism. Their goal was to map which tools have been the most effective for their members in a time that much of our organising has moved online. Their hope is that the briefer “will support our members and allied feminist networks in continuing to adapt their advocacy to ever-changing circumstances as well as raise important questions around inclusivity, systemic barriers, and the future of advocacy.” Check out the full brief here (available in English, Spanish, French, and Russian).

6 Digital Must Haves for Fall Fundraising Success

The end of the year is fast approaching, and for those of you who are trying to make the most out of your 2020 fundraising activities, we think EveryAction’s detailed run-through of their time-tested tools will make sure your fundraising campaign has the biggest impact possible (and you can take advantage of right away!). Read more here.

Important Changes to the Text Messaging Requirements in 2020 (U.S. specific)

Our friend Sandi Fox from Smart as a Fox provides a detailed rundown of U.S. regulatory changes to text messaging that will be in force starting 2021. Definitely read through if texting is part of your digital organising strategy, and if you have other general questions or curiosities about text messaging, we recommend you read through her site for great tips and resources on how to make the most out of this important tool.

What We’ve Been Up To

The Great Get Together

We’re proud to have worked with the Jo Cox Foundation on this site for the Great Get Together. The Jo Cox Foundation was established in 2016 in the wake of the tragic murder of MP Jo Cox. Shortly after the foundation was created, the first Great Get Together was organised with the goal of uniting people, bridging divides, and tackling loneliness, all while showing the collective power we have as communities. Read more about our work with the Great Get Together here.

Kayse Jama for Oregon Senate

Tectonica first worked with Kayse Jame in 2017 and were thrilled to be able to work with him again on his campaign for Oregon Senator. A Somalian refugee and much-loved community leader, Kayse would be the first former refugee and the first Muslim serving in the Oregon Senate. Read more about our work with Kayse Jama here.

Featured Digital Organising Tools

The hottest new political tech is one you're probably already using: important lessons on building your campaign tech stack

Organisers use a lot of different tools to build movements, but some of the most used tools were not actually designed with organising in mind. In this latest blog post, our political technology specialist Alonso Hernández Sanchez offers some tips, recommendations, and resources on how to make the most of existing tools to ensure that you’re strengthening relationships with supporters and building sustainable movements. Read the full blog post here.

Upcoming Trainings & Events

Political year in review: Pandemic politics and digital organising in 2020, December 7th at 6 pm CET, Online

Even for a US presidential election year, 2020 is sure to stand out as a year in politics unlike any other in history. For those holding out on digital campaigning, adaptation was no longer an option but a necessity. The transformation of the field has forced campaigners to think outside-of-the-box, innovate, and engage voters in new ways. Join our discussion to get the latest insights from the US, Europe and across the globe on the current digital campaign field. We will be joined by Jiore Craig from GQR, who led the largest-ever project aimed at helping Democratic campaigns, across the nation and at every level of the ballot, as well as hundreds of leading progressive organizations in the US. Also speaking will be Ned Howey, the CEO and head of strategy at Tectonica Digital Campaign Solutions, who just recently led the first report on the State of Digital Organising in Europe. Other speakers to be announced. Sign up here for the webinar.

Friday's digital lunch with pro-EU activists, November 27th at 12:30 p.m. Brussels, Online

This Friday’s digital lunch will feature a chat with pro-European activists who campaign for Europe in diverse ways. Speakers include Madeleine Bradley, founder of Vox Europae, Alessandro Da Rold, European campaigner and Managing Director at EU40, and Marcos Moschovidis, founder of EU FOR YOU.

Online to Offline Campaigning and Organizing, December 2nd at 9:00 PST, Zoom

We know that successful digital organising means using digital tools in concert with field tools to build real relationships with supporters and make your movement more sustainable. In this training aimed at organisers and campaigners looking for news ways to mobilise new supporters, United for Respect will share lessons learned from organising workers in the retail sector and features an in-depth look at their Online-to-Offline organising model which has specific lessons for organising climate activists. Open only to members of the Climate Advocacy Lab. If you are not a member, you can contact [email protected] to apply for membership.

RootsCamp, December 11th & 12th, Online

RootsCamp is one of the most important annual events for progressive campaigners and organizers in the United States. The event brings together a coalition of leaders in the Democratic and Progressive political, electoral, advocacy, and governing space to debrief and use hindsight to dissect what’s happened in the past year and lay the groundwork for how to move forward together. The event features workshops, trainings, panel discussions, consulting and networking opportunities, visionary speakers, an organization expo, and a provocative debate around strategy and practices. Register for RootsCamp here.

What We're Reading

There’s been a LOT of election post-mortem articles since our last newsletter. We’ve tried to include everything that we think might be useful for you to be aware of, even if we may not agree with all the perspectives.

The Lincoln Project Was Always Based On A Lie — Now It’s Been Exposed, by Danielle Campoamor, 9 November 2020, Refinery 29

Republicans spent millions on last-minute voting ads on Facebook, by Tate Ryan-Mosley, 9 November 2020, MIT Technology Review

Batter Up! Twitter Saboteurs Hijack ‘Million MAGA March’ Hashtag with Pancake Tweets, by Mary Papenfuss, 14 November 2020, Huffington Post

Twitch: three reasons to join, by Sebastián Rodríguez, 16 November 2020, LinkedIn

What Twitter Fleets signals about the future of the company, by Casey Newton, 18 November 2020, The Verge

How Biden Won: Ramping Up The Base And Expanding Margins In The Suburbs, by Connie Hanzhang Jin and Domenico Montanaro, 18 November 2020, NPR

Enticing the Independent Vote: What Lessons Can Both Parties Learn After 2020?, 20 November 2020, Resonate

Facebook Can Be a Boon to Nonprofits—If They Get Verified, by Sara Harrison, 24 November 2020, Wired

Facebook Struggles to Balance Civility and Growth, by Kevin Roose, Mike Isaac and Sheera Frenkel, 24 November 2020, NY Times

How One Social Media App Is Beating Disinformation, by Elizabeth Langue and Doowan Lee, 23 November 2020, Foreign Policy

It Wasn't Ideology That Sank House Democrats. It Was Bad Strategy, by Miti Sathe and Will Levitt, 25 November 2020, Politico


Steve Bannon Caught Running a Network of Misinformation Pages on Facebook by Whitney Kimball, 10 November 2020, Gizmodo


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