TON Newsletter - Oct 21, 2020

Welcome to Tectonica Organising Network’s twice-monthly newsletter! We work hard to curate and create the best content out there on progressive digital organising and share it with you, along with some updates on upcoming events and trainings, what we’ve been up to, and even a bit about what’s going on on the other side.

What We’ve Been Up To

The Five-Part Framework for Digital Organising


Earlier this year, we set out to evaluate Europe’s progressive digital organising efforts. In order to understand the activities campaigns are conducting online and their value in terms of impacting political change, we developed a new framework that categorises the wide universe of digital actions organisations are using. In this blog post, we share a bit of the back story and thinking behind our new framework. We think the framework should be a helpful tool for all those organising online to understand their own campaigns better and are sharing with you as a preview of our forthcoming report, to be released next week.

Featured Digital Organising Tools

Main Street One


Drawing from our expertise in crafting digital strategy, we know that there’s definitely room for improvement when it comes to progressive organisations driving more protagonism of real people in their campaigns and utilising better science to produce more data driven strategies. Taking advantage of strategies like these could be a gamechanger in terms of the big impact campaigns could have by deploying them.

In that vein, we’re very impressed with what we’ve seen of Main Street One’s services and tools and see great potential in their use towards this purpose. Main Street One helps organisations to identify key conversations to leverage support (using their social listening and analysis tools), recruit trusted messengers through their Influencers CRM, and source and spread real and powerful stories to fuel campaigns. You can learn more about their tools here.

ActionSprout Comment Management

If your organisation posts frequently on Facebook, moderating comments is important to making sure your opponents don’t take over your narrative, but you don’t want it to take up hours of your team’s time. This new tool from ActionSprout streamlines and automates comment moderation: from having all the comments in one place to automatically hiding the comments of known trolls or bad actors to joining conversations seamlessly, this tool can help you focused on making sure the real conversation grows to keep your audience engaged and focused on your message. Read more about the tool here.


Featured Digital Organising Resources

Concrete solutions, best practices and main standards of the civic tech sector

Tectonica is proud to be a member of the Association of Civic Tech Europe (ACTE), whose position paper on concrete solutions and best practices within the civic tech sector was shared this week. The paper emphasises the importance of giving European citizens a greater voice in democratic decision-making processes and the enormous potential civic tech organisations have in realising that goal. You can read the position paper here.

Now What? Facebook Extends and Tightens Restrictions for Nonprofits

Many nonprofit organisations raise a significant part of their much needed funds in the last two months of the year, but Facebook’s ad restrictions on ads related to “social issues” going into effect on November 3 are forcing them to rethink how they will be able to raise money for their important causes. The folks at M&R offer a few tips on how organisations can continue to engage in fundraising activities despite these restrictions. Read more here.

5 Step Volunteer Recruitment Guide

Volunteers are an important part of many organisations, but how do you recruit volunteers and keep them engaged and motivated to grow with you? This helpful guide from ecanvasser lays out 5 concrete steps you can take to make sure you’re using best practices in recruiting volunteers and inspiring them to stay committed to your cause.

Upcoming Trainings & Events

Nonprofit Learning Lab, Various Dates, Online

The Nonprofit Learning Lab has a number of great free and low fee trainings happening from now until the end of the year, including trainings on tech solutions to give your nonprofit a competitive edge, creating an interactive map to show your organisation’s reach, confronting institutional bias in the nonprofit sector, and more.

What We're Reading

Platforms try to fight misinformation as consultants warn some candidates at higher risk, by Sean J. Miller, 14 September 2020, Campaigns & Elections

Facebook Tweaked Its Rules, but You Can Still Target Voters, by Sidney Fussell, 12 October 2020, Wired

From recording videos in a closet to Zoom meditating, 2020’s political campaigns adjust to the pandemic, by Barbara A. Trish, 7 October 2020, The Conversation

How Joe Biden became the Unlikeliest of Online Fund-Raising Superstars, by Shane Goldmacher and Rachel Shorey, 14 October 2020, New York Times


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