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PROJECT TYPE: Candidates Virginia Madueño for Congress

Virginia Madueño, 2018 Democratic Candidate for US Congress (CA10), knows first-hand that access to proper healthcare can be life-changing.

Diagnosed with bacterial meningitis as an infant, Virginia and her immigrant parents were denied care due to lack of health coverage. Thanks to the generosity of a local doctor Virginia survived and began her path toward greatness. A graduate of CSU, she established herself as a business owner and served as the former Mayor of her hometown of Riverbank and member of the City Council. Virginia’s advocacy for quality, affordable and accessible healthcare, as well as the rights of immigrants and farm workers, are core to her platform in representing the San Joaquin Valley as their Congresswoman in Washington.

Tectonica chose the Win! theme to operationalize Madueno’s messaging and vision to voters throughout CA10. The campaign site also serves as a communication center for campaign updates, volunteer efforts, and fundraising opportunities.