World Meeting Time Pro

Today is a good day. After slaving away at the top-secret (totally friendly, non-evil) Tectonica lab, today we are proud to present the newly updated World Meeting Time Pro. The latest version comes equipped with new designs, new code and new features that are all working together in sublime harmony.

A little over two years ago we searched high and low for a reliable app that could schedule meetings across time-zones but all the tools we found were bulky, ugly or quite simply didn’t work.

So we did something about it. We built our very own.  

We found that what we put together worked better than any other product on the market. So we packaged it up, shared it free of charge and something happened; the world agreed with us. 


"There’s a ton of apps to help navigate the time zone issue, but the new World Meeting Time app is the best I’ve seen yet."  - App Storm  


The response was tremendous and since its launch thousands of meetings have been scheduled in a seamless, stress-free way using World Meeting Time. 

The original WMT got a lot of attention and we were inundated with requests and suggested tweaks. Like Bill from Atlanta who wanted to know if "the application could remember my meetings between sessions” and Sandra from DC wanted to “add more guests“.

So we did something about it. We built a database to store meeting information, and expanded the number of users, and added some other cool features that we're pretty sure you'll love.

That was the birth of the new Pro version. The drive behind the design principles were simplicity and beauty. Sure, everyone says that, but take a look at our main screen and judge for yourself:




The interface drops pins on a map – what could be more intuitive? The colors are harmonious and do not overwhelm the content. The buttons are large so the user never needs to search for the controls.

Like the previous version, it still sends emails and puts meetings on your calendar. It still schedules meetings across the world. Everywhere except Antarctica, but we are working on that because we think penguins are cool.

World Meeting Time Pro. Another product from your friends at Tectonica.


                         Click here for the World Meeting Time Pro press release