Worth a Thousand Words

There is nothing quite as sad as seeing a great web design ruined by terrible photos. I can recall on several occasions, watching clients upload amateurish, poor quality photos onto a finely designed website we had just delivered. Even high quality photos can still denigrate your site if they are a complete mismatch.

It’s not just about breaking a designer’s heart. Great design quality cannot provide a professional appearance when it uses poor photos. It’s truly a pity to have high quality design work destroyed.

So how do you ensure the photographic media will add to your sites design? There are several keys to this.

1. Give Us What You Got (in advance)

If you already have images that you’ve chosen for your site, it’s best to send them to us before we create the design. That way we have the material to work with, can adjust the images as needed, and work the site design around the media content. Usually the more we have to choose from, the better.

2. Pay Attention to What Works

If you don’t elect to provide photo work prior it is essential that you pay careful attention what you select later.

3. Selection Services

Many clients have returned to us to help select and rework photos for their site. If you have a large number of posts that you need photos for, it is fairly key that a tuned eyed work to match the photos to the design. We have packages available which can work with you to select and retouch stock photos to match your content for a budget.

4. Upgrade the Stock Photos

Our basic design service includes up to a certain price for stock photos. However, if you feel the need for more advanced level of work, or your site has a lot of photo requirements you might consider the option to expand the budget for stock photos. This expands our options for available photo work.

5. Custom Illustrations

One option beyond photography is custom illustrations. This is particularly a great option if there is something particular you would like to relay on your site. We have several artists we work with if you are interested in a personalized feel to your site’s graphic work.

6. Professional Photography

Probably one of the best investments you can make, beyond having your site done by a great designer, is hiring a professional photographer.

Professional photography is exactly what we chose for our own site. We feel the decision to do so has really paid off.

When planning our site we decided one of the most important elements was letting people know who we are – our passion for our work, our personalities, and that we’re a couple of guys you can trust (which is true). This was especially important to us as being physically located down here in Argentina makes some folks somewhat nervous about working with us – as though distance somehow determines trustworthiness. We felt that including professional quality photos in our website, that matched the quality level of our website design, was well worth the investment.

Let us know if you are interested in custom professional photography. César is available for variety of photographic work of people or products crafted to your site’s needs.

If you are not sure what type of service is most appropriate for your site or budget, just let us know. We’d be happy to work with you to ensure you have exactly what is best to make your site shine.