Introducing the Tectonica SEO Guide

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SEO is a key component of any online strategy.

Unfortunately, learning the basics sufficiently to manage your own SEO, without outside consultants, can be tricky. So we wrote a guide of our own, for our clients and anyone else who would like clear, straightforward information about improving your search results.

One of our core principles has always been to provide clients with the services and tools they need to succeed. Many of our clients already understand the importance of good search results, but turning that desire into page rankings takes knowledge.

BlogSEO-Big.jpgAt Tectonica, we always optimize our sites for great SEO results. Our developers design for search engine crawlers, write clean and organized code, install essential SEO plug-ins, follow SEO best practices, and prepare for relevant keywords and content. This, however is only part of the picture.

Sure, there is plenty of information published online about SEO - in fact, too much. Much of it is marketing in disguise, and deliberately confusing to give the impression that you cannot manage it yourself. But you can!

Our guide is organized into four main chapters that discuss ways that your organization can improve your ranking on google and other search engines.

  • The first section teaches SEO basics and why it is important for your organization.
  • The second section discusses strategies for identifying and implementing the right keywords, and using keyword research tools.
  • The third section covers page ranking, why it is important, how it is impacted by other metrics, and how you can leverage it to your benefit.
  • The final section discusses other aspects of SEO, including concrete steps you can take to raise your profile on google search results, as well as specific SEO tips for nonprofits and NGOs.

The guide is free and available now for download. For beginning users to advanced, the guide will explain the key concepts and put you on the path to controlling your own SEO destiny!

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